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Amsterdam City Hall with circular plan and side tower
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Concepts brought ‘to life’ in visualisation

- Amsterdam City Hall with circular plan and side tower
- Opera in Baghdad (Iraq)
- Memorial in Dakar (Senegal)
- History Museum in the shape of a pyramid in Cairo

All these projects were originally proposal concepts for competition back in 80’s.

Prof. Ing. arch. Ivan Ruller (17.11.1926) took a part in the competition a few decades back and when the competition was over, he decided not to publish this proposal to the public so it remained hidden – or secret – for couple of decades. Last year, the Gallery of Architecture in Brno decided to prepare an exhibition as a tribute to all professor’s works throughout his whole life and selected various projects to be reopened and exhibit.
FlyingArchitecture was honored to be asked to give a hand with this exhibition, so we created architectural visualizations of these selected projects. All of these images were done pro-bono and were exhibited in the galleries of architecture in Brno, Ostrava and Prague (Czech Republic).
We were more than happy to be a part of this project, as it gave us completely free hands over the whole process of creating visuals.

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