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2014 08 Petrakova SCIFI Museum 02
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Sci-Fi Museum, Washington

We proudly present the proposal for International Architectural Design Competition – Museum of Science Fiction in Washington.

Once again, our team cooperated with talented architect Lenka Petrakova. Our goal (as always) was to create persuasive visuals, that would represent the concept at its best. The final output is a result of neat work with specific location, competition requirements and the author’s vision and approach. The building design reflects it’s function and therefore it becomes a vessel of science fiction history and culture. The whole proposal visual idea was to create professional, yet visionary and non-traditional impression.

Facade is wrapped in metal panels and glossy glass, which creates a perfect environment for interior expositions. Exterior performances will be held in the inner area of the ring-like plan, under the open roof. Sitting area was specifically designed to match the overall futuristic design of the object. Exterior seating is designed to gather and handle larger groups of visitors, so they can comfortable watch either the circular LED screens wrapping the inner face, or hologram performances (coming in near future) – the proposal is that much visionary!

The competition entries evaluation was based on criteria such as ability to accommodate special events, concept and design creativity, feasibility to realize the project, including constructability, the ability to obtain permits and approvals, and budgetary restrictions.

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