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Utopian floating city - CIVILIZATION 0.000

Another project we really enjoyed working on. We were given a free hand with this amazing visionary concept by Dimo Ivanov, so we could afford a bit more ‘dynamic’ approach. Eventually we ended up creating these ‘story-telling’ visuals. What do you think?
This futuristic concept has actually very sophisticated foundation, with strong (maybe even utopian) social undertone. It’s also based on valid scientific data. The structure and the shape are defined by three forces – wave, wind and tidal energy, therefore is aqua-dynamic as well as aero-dynamic.
The whole object consists of three main parts – tower, platform and a tidal power station. The tower contains 19 wind turbines but also a living area with all the facilites and a control centre. The platform has two harbour areas, one on each side, in a windless area. There’s also a heliport and another living area with facilites. Wave power station and tidal turbines are hidden beneath the surface. The lowest part contains a tidal powerstation with more turbines and it stabilizes the whole thing.

The CIVILIZATION 0.000 tower is designed as a self-sufficient ‘vessel’ for a community of people. With its striking height of 520 metres it can be compared to the highest skyscrapers in today’s world. The impression of height becomes even more contrasting with the flat surface of water.

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