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Alqvimia Project - Blanc Nit

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/105331849


The Alqvimia Project is a proposed event based on new creative techniques (videomapping, interactive design, VJing, among others) and innovation in the field of entertainment and "visual effects". Furthermore, it has been proposed to "The Alqvimia Project" as an opportunity to innovate methodologies and team dynamics. From the creative direction of the project we have tried to investigate methodologies Co-working, meeting with a very satisfactory result characterized by creative motivation, the emergence of synergies between different disciplines and constantly learning from each other. In short: "pure creative alchemy".

Direction & Animation: Morphika (morphika.tv/)
Graphic design:Virgulillas
Sound design:Noizes (noiz.es/)
Voices: Mireia Vilar
Creative direction: Humbert Clotet, Georgina Capdevila

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