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Methaphysical Axis of Dialectica | personal project
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Methaphysical Axis of Dialectica

Extremes point to the need of Harmony

After some time I finished this very personal project, which is an allegory, parables and reflection.
Used tools Cinema 4D (3D, sculpting, lighting), BodyPaint (texturing), Fusion (composition).

If this short explanation is enough for you, don´t continue below, where I try to describe more specifically the key for understanding the 3D scene.
I found and I find inspiration in the classic books such as the Bible, the Koran, the Tao Te Ching, the Nag Hammadi codex, Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart (Jan Amos Comenius) ... The concept is built on a timeless ancient symbols and universal archetypes that transcend cultural identity: Light, Darkness, Trinity Cross, Swastikas, Hexagram, Caduceus, Ouroboros, rational and irrational Numerology, Fibonacci sequence etc .)

In our lives we are often urged to choose between two seemingly irreconcilable opposites, which can become extreme. These extrems are actually Teachers who reminds us the approaching limit that causes suffering.

Just as in the famous Greek myth about Icarus, who wanted to fly higher and higher closer to Light …
He fell in love with the idea to touch the sun, lost his footing and contact with Earth, so he could again meet it in the deadly speed. There is no need to talk about stories, where the heroes were absorbed by the darkness, because these stories are countless. What may be generally expected as goodness and beauty can become evil and disgust at a certain level. What is often perceived as evil then might be balancing counterweights. Opposites have limits, beyond which there is "Death". It may not be just physical death, but "only" the transformation of the state in the Right or Left opposite along the lines of a pendulum or balance. Like a tightrope, we balance and walk among quanta possibilities.

Left or Right?
Still or Activity?
Focus Inward or Outward?
Act Positively or Negatively?
Enjoying Darkness or Light?
Look Up or look Down?
Being self-centered and Selfish, or Martyr, who is to give away other people?
Follow Reason and Rationality or Feelings and Intuition?
Preferring Father's or Mother´´s principle?
Handcuffed with the Order of intellect or resign in front of the Anarchy of the body and the instincts?

If we stay a long time in an extreme situation, suffering and sometimes Death comes
and it does not matter whether the Left or Right side, from Above, or from the Darkness ...

Extreme point to the need of harmony.
Is there any third way?
path of
卐 Axis 卍

I use swastika quite often in this 3D image. It is a symbol with thousands years of tradition in different cultures around the world. It's also an amazing example of the humankind's archetypal thinking, who is aware the opposite forces and phenomena that surround us and are a part of us. It's based on empirical observation of nature. Whether it is the manifestation of gravitational forces or contradiction in discharging and recharging energy or human nature. For a wider perception of the swastika and avoiding unnecessary prejudice and misunderstanding I attach the map below.

more details here : http://bit.ly/1Q1NBV7