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Caja de Humo

Caja de Humo is an animated film that recovers the memories of the Colombian railroad during its peak years. thus, forming a visual and cultural patrimony through the reconstruction of anecdotes, vivid memories and images. Through Caja de Humo, it is intended to construct a nostalgic connector not only for those who were faithful witnesses of such extinct symbol of progress; or for those who felt it and lived its most vivid moments. But also for those who are not familiar with such an essential piece of progress in Colombian History.
Gregorio, a 70-year-old train driver embraces a sudden rush of nostalgia. And decides to visit the Girardot train station, where his years of glory were shaped by his job as a train driver. At his arrival, Gregorio finds himself with the ruins of wagons and abandoned sections of what once was part of the magic of the railroad. It is here, where Gregorio embarks in a journey at the train station, while reviving his colorful and sensible anecdotes through the finding of a rusty pocket watch and a faint train bell. These elements embark Gregorio and the audience in the journey of the golden age of the Colombian railroad.