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A girl In danger
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Matte Painting Portfolio

Hi everyone, these are works of Matte Painting at my Show Reel. It contains works I made for Globo Television for the last 4 years I have been there, and some personal stuff I made for DMP challenges and personal pieces. Hope you like it.

I´m available for full-time work / remote freelancing.

Credits for Globo VFX Team:

- Joia Rara (Nepal shot): Marijose Auclair (Compositing), Joao Gurgel (photography), Toni Cid (production).
- Cordel Encantado (garden, and next sequence of 3 shots): Ana Flores (compositing), Joao Gurgel (photography), Toni Cid (production).
- Cordel Encantado: Ana Flores (compositing), Joao Gurgel (photography), Toni Cid (production).
- Avenida Brasil (Interior shot): Uno de Oliveira (Compositing), Toni Cid (production), Joao Gurgel (photography).
- Gabriela (Day to Night Stockshot): Rafael Ambrosio (production); Joao Gurgel (photography); Aarao Irving
(Massive); Felipe Falcone, Márcio Fontes, Enzo Macedo (3D).
- Acampamento de Ferias (Castle Shot): Marcelo Merola (modeling, texturing), Fernanda Moraes (compositing), Capy Ramazzina (production);
- Salve Jorge (Morro do Alemão - Favela Shot): Pablo Bioni, Alexandre Rillos, Jan Habib, Aarao Martins and
Allan Bass (3D); Uno de Oliveira (Compositing), Toni Cid (production).

R&D | VFX Pipeline TD: José Almeida Junior;
VFX Supervision: Marcelo Cunha;
R&D Supervision: Pablo Bioni;
Operations Manager: Paulo Henrique Castro

Rafael Falconi

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