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demon creature
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munafò mattia 3d generalist

cg album: 2012-2013

blog: http://mattiamunafo.blogspot.it/

about me:
Hi, I'm Mattia and I am 23 years old. I live in Florence and I am specialized in professional commercial CG but I have also worked with after effects or similar for editing and compositing video programs. My passions vary from the traditional painting to photography, from technology to any kind of concept, ending with my authentic "obsession" for cinema. I have obviously found in 3D a thrilling mix of it and that's why I do love my job. My first approach to art dates back to my High School studies where I got to learn commercial art; in the meanwhile I attended art and architectural modeling classes but when I realized that my true passion was 3D I decided to register to the Nemo Academy in Florence attending the vfx class. I am a freelance because I like to exchange styles and techniques thanks to cooperation with people but I don't preclude other possible ways of working.
About my technique