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Murad Abujaish 3D Generalist/Look Development Demo Reel

maya 3d generalist look development texturing surfacing demoo reel

A collection of my work from 2009 to 2015.

I am currently looking for new opportunity as 3D Generalist or Surfacing/Texturing or Lighting Artist or Hair Grooming role. My last role was 3D Generalist . I have been working in the 3D arts for almost 7 years now. During this period I have obtained experience in various areas of the 3d production including an animated feature film, short movie and a lot of series began as a 3d Character Texturing artist, then became a look development, and Hair Grooming artist, an Environment Specialist\Texturing Artist, and now a 3D Generalist.
My Website:
Demo Reel