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Short Film : Edgar & La Douze Demoiselle



Enjoy this Belgian short film tribute to Tim Burton... Edgar and the Sweet creature is an incredible and romantic love story of two monsters. Two monsters? No ! Juste two amazing characters. He is a stranger ignored by all and prisoner of a machiavelic witch. She, is a sensitive and forsaken doll. Together, they travel the human’s world and discover the internal and beautiful agitation: love. Voyage, passion and tenderness are their escort, not to mention T\the spider, being their only friend. But the human’s world is it actually humanized? Finally, WHO is normal and free to be loved? Edgar and the sweet creature is a fable, an evasion, … and other view… of the love.

Made without production, nevertheless, the short film received the help of the Charleroi Art Council and the Keywall Studio (Belgium). Everyone participating in creating the movie were all volunteers. The movie has made during one week, in July 2014, in Charleroi, in Belgium