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Rocket in Autodesk Maya


Prateek Mathur

Rocket in Autodesk Maya

WD-40 : 60th Anniversary Viral Video to celebrate the birthday of WD-40 on the 23rd September 2013.
The video is based on the lifespan of the WD-40 from last 60years.
The video is a combination of Stop-motion, 3D projection, Visual Effect and CGI.
It has been made by a group of Animationrs:
Jade Carter - Art Director
Prateek Mathur - Creative Director (www.Visual3Deffect.com),
Angelo Poulopoulos - Technical Director
Music by Stinkfoot Studios ft Tera Catallo.
And produced by Mark Collington.
Our behind the scenes WD-40 viral video blog : WD-40viral.tumblr.com

Making of video :

Full Video :