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A Good Day To Die Hard – Vfx Breakdown
Screen Scene VFX spent over a year provided all the Previs for the film, creating Animatics for all of the film’s key action beats as well as handling postviz shots and some final visual effects for a Predator Drone sequence.

This video is the Vfx breakdown/making of Taxi Flip from A Good Day To Die Hard
We used 3ds Max and V-Ray, Thinking Particles, Krakatoa, and Fume to create our CG which was all composted within Nuke after being tracked with SynthEyes.

Here is Final Short Taxi Flip from A Good Day To Die Hard

Previs video from the movies no holds barred truck chase, This was then worked up to a higher level in Vfx.
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ed Bruce
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A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard-Vfx-01 A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard-Vfx-01a A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard-Vfx-02 A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard-Vfx-02a A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard-Vfx-03 A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard-Vfx-03a A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard-Vfx-04 A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard-Vfx-04a

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  • shorey

    very good! how to render in 3ds max

  • excitive

    Good vfx. Never watched the movie and I am thankful I didn’t. Real shitty ideas, killing civilians pointlessly.

  • Micheal Gray

    killing civilians is pointless? you good sir are not welcome in tamriel