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New interactions (like touch and gesture), cloud connections and even new hardware might change how you all create and in turn how it might impact what software we need to build. Watch the video to get the full overview.

Adobe Projects Mighty and Napoleon 1

Adobe Creative Cloud software announcement, Adobe pulled the wraps off a new peripheral initiative for creating on a slate. First, Project Mighty is a cloud-connected stylus experiment that pulls tools from Creative Cloud setups and offers pressure sensitivity, a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in memory. This device is part of a new undertaking for Adobe that will seek to bridge the gap between software and hardware. In addition to Mighty, there’s Project Napoleon, which will offer a second tool for tablet-style drawing. This peripheral will project straight lines to keep sketches neat and tidy in a high-tech ruler fashion.

Adobe Projects Mighty and Napoleon 2

A pressure sensitive stylus and an electronic ruler that will tightly integrate with its software applications. The company’s Project Mighty stylus and Napoleon ruler have been showcased connecting to an iPad and iPhone over Bluetooth. The pen works much like existing styli, but when working alongside Napoleon, the two tools can be used to create curved and angled shapes in a way that would be difficult to do with a third-party stylus. So far, the tools have only been demonstrated working with an unreleased app, which was created specifically for the hardware.

Adobe Projects Mighty and Napoleon 3
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  • Could this be used to draw on a laptop’s screen directrly while using
    photoshop and other tools? if yes then this could be the answer to my
    prayers from buying a cintic tablet

  • Helber Soares

    Oh my God. I love it