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animago CONFERENCE: Cooperation with Canada and Poland / Strong Showing of Germany’s VFX and Animation Industry

Munich/Potsdam, 29 September 2014: The two-day animago CONFERENCE is cooperating this year with the countries of Canada and Poland. For the very first time, a delegation of renowned Canadian post-production studios, which includes, SPIN VFX, Master Key VFX and Stargate Studios, will be attending the event and showcasing their latest projects. In addition the Polish company Alvernia Studios will attend an event titled “Pushing Innovation – Poland meets Berlin-Brandenburg”, where they will meet companies from the capital region’s berlinbrandenburg network. The animago AWARD & CONFERENCE will take place on 16 & 17 October 2014 at the Metropolis Hall in Potsdam-Babelsberg. The event has been supported by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg since 2009.

Canada goes animago

This year’s partnership with Canada was initiated by the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO). The initiative is designed to give Canadian studios a chance to present their work in Germany at the animago CONFERENCE. Among the delegates are Christa Tazzeo Morson from SPIN VFX, a studio that has been involved in several global hit films and TV series, such as “Game of Thrones”, “The Borgias”, “22 Jump Street”, “The Signal” and “All Is Lost”.Richard Arroyo ( will be an animago keynote speaker with a talk titled “Methods & Workflow, Acting, Animating, Directing a Performance”. The company Master Key VFX, which will be represented at the animago by Tavia Charlton, is currently working on six series projects simultaneously, including “Revolution”, “Scandal” and “Suits”, with an average of 50 to 80 VFX shots per season. Stargate Studios, a company that is also active in Berlin and well known for their work on “The Walking Dead”, “CSI” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, will be represented by Thomas Knob. CASO board member Catherine Andrews will be on hand to represent the association as well as the Studio Rocket Science VFX.

Pushing Innovation – Poland meets Berlin-Brandenburg

At this year’s animago, companies representing Poland’s Digital Entertainment Cluster will meet with representatives of media.netberlinbrandenburg, the leading media network in Germany’s capital region. Among the Polish multiple-award-winning companyAlvernia Studios, who are experts in many digital media production fields. Today, roughly 2,000 film and TV companies are active in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, which has long since emerged as one of the top global locations for the media and creative industries. The capital region’s official “ICT, Media and Creative Industries Cluster” is booming, thanks in part to a number of supporting bodies, including the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the Berlin-Brandenburg, the business development agencies known as Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and ZAB Brandenburg Economic Development Board, as well as many other strong media companies. In a podium discussion moderated by Andrea Peters ( berlinbrandenburg) and Frank Zahn (Exozet Berlin), Polish and German industry representatives will examine and debate further opportunities for cooperation and exchange.

Strong and impressive Line-Up of German VFX & Animation Studios

Besides international companies like Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Pixar Animation Studios, The Mill, Framestore or Moving Picture Company (PMC) well-known German studios are expected as well: For example Thilo Ewers (Pixomondo, Stuttgart) talks about “Sleepy Hollow – VFX from Hell“, the making-of “Maya the Bee Movie“ presented by Holger Weiss & Tino Nettling(M.A.R.K.13, Stuttgart), Nhat Quang Tran (nhb studios, Berlin) about “Success and failure in high end VFX commercial productions“, Eric Schaechter (Chimney Group, Berlin) will hold the lesson “VFX of Terry Gilliams Zero Theorem“, Guido Schmidt(Ubisoft / BlueByte, Düsseldorf) about “How Ubisoft Designs Great Games“, Michael Landgrebe (Celluloid VFX, Berlin) presents the “Digital Sushi Cookbook“, Ilija Brunck & Fabian Pross (Polynoid/WOODBLOCK, Berlin) go for “Feeding the inner child – an insight into our approach to producing animated content“ and many more.

Further discussion panels at the animago TRADE FLOOR:

  • “What do universities and academies need to offer their students in order to be able to generate the Digital Artists oftomorrow?”, with Prof. Felix Goennert (Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf, Germany), Florian Gellinger (RISE | Visual Effect Studios, Germany), Prof. Melanie Beisswenger (Freelance Artist, Germany).
  • “Media Law: We get our images and music from the internet; I publish my demo reel on YouTube … – What is legal and what is not?”, with Dirk Waldhoff (Mediadesign Hochschule, Germany), Kai Bodensiek (Specialist Lawyer for Media Law), Michael Landgebe (Celluloid VFX, Germany).
  • “Worldwide jobs: corporate culture in USA and Europe. Which careers can artists expect?”, with Florian Witzel(Industrial Light & Magic, USA), Ruediger Kaltenhaeuser (Glassworks, The Netherlands), Prof. Melanie Beisswenger(Freelance Artist, Germany), Alexandre Espigares (Freelance Artist, Luxembourg).

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animago CONFERENCE, animago, animago AWARD, animago AWARD 2014, animago AWARD & CONFERENCE, 3d, CGI, CGIVFX, VFX, vfx, Visual Effects, computer graphics, 3d animation, animation,