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Animated People for CINEMA 4D

DOSCH DESIGN releases new product in cooperation with the Rodenburg Verlag

(8th May 2013) Architectural visualisations can be enhanced significantly by integrating realistic-looking characters. If, however, an animation e.g. of a tracking shot also needs to be realised, static figures are no longer sufficient. There is now a professional solution available for this very problem. By exclusively linking 3D figures from DOSCH DESIGN to the People in Motion plugin from Rodenburg Verlag, 12 male and 12 female individual 3D characters can be controlled using a simple interface. An integrated dialogue window in CINEMA 4D 13 or 14 enables over 50 different movements that were recorded using motion capture, i.e. from real people, to be directly selected.

This means that virtually all typical everyday situations can be depicted, such as passengers with bags, suitcases or even a trolley suitcase in their hands. There is also a wide range of different types of movement where phone calls are being made or people are surfing on a smartphone. What’s more, there are numerous sequences where the characters move along a path, for instance, at variable speeds, as well as typical standing or sitting motion sequences.

Some of these animations can even be mixed using keyframes in order to realise even more complex sequences, such as starting moving from a standing position. An additionally integrated inverse cinematic solution makes it possible for advanced users to pose arms and legs individually or turn the characters’ heads towards a given place. It is even possible to offer personal items so that the figures can be given head coverings or glasses, for example.

As all characters naturally look great as statues, too, the plugin also enables individual poses from the animations to be selected or even the characters themselves to be put into the desired position. It’s no longer a problem to change the existing animation in order to make a figure carry a parcel or push a shopping trolley.

What’s more, there’s even the option of editing character sizes and clothing colours using the plugin, so that even more variations can be achieved, even for large crowds of people. Finally, the plugin is equipped with its own bake function, which enables the final animations to be set for rendering on a render farm, for example.

The product DOSCH 3D: 3D-People – Business – People in Motion for C4D contains fully textured 3D-models of people – ready to be used with the “People in Motion” plugin from the Rodenburg Verlag and is available at


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