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The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse

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The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse (Oscars 2016 - Nominated Short Film - Additional List) ESMA - A lonesome fox hunts a mouse and their relationship will evolve as two owls interfere with the hunt.Réalisateurs ...

Ivine and Pillow

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Ivine and Pillow Unicef "Ivine And Pillow"Customer: Unicef Agency: 180la Directed By: André Fiorini Design And Animation: Consulate Production: Consulate Audio: Circle Of Sound Client: Unicef Agency: 180la...

Le Constructeur de Malheur

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Le Constructeur de Malheur (The Wrongful Constructor) Short Film Le Constructeur De Malheur is an animationshort about the dream of flying. The graduationfilm was created by Kristin Müller, Manuel Preuß, Philipp Grat...

Valor Cat: First Scratch

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Valor Cat: First Scratch Ben Reicher - Our hero, Valor Cat, must face his greatest adversaries and push his limits. The act of being a vigilante will test Valor Cat's moral fibers. In order to save earth he must disc...


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Flutterby Ruchirek Yui Somrit - This is my thesis at Academy of Art University. Responsible for environment assembly, surfacing, look development, lighting, and compositing.Music & Sound Design by Filipe Leit...

Xmars Animation Short

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Xmars Animation Short Short Animation produced at Dabarti CGI Studio. ( ) Directed and Edited by Tomasz Wyszołmirski Rover Animation: Kacper Citko 3d Modeling and Shading: Kacper Citko, Monika Olizarow...

Pirate Parts Short Film

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Pirate Parts Short Film by Shabnam Shams, Megan Robinson, Sara Chantland "Out at sea, a lonely pirate is haunted by mischievous ghosts."A Animated Short film by Shabnam Shams, Megan Robinson, Sara Chantland Produ...

Bjørn’s Christmas

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Bjørn’s Christmas Colorbleed Studios - Bjørn celebrates life. Throughout the ups and downs of daily events he always celebrates happily. It’s his mojo. Check it out in his groovy Christmas performance! Bjørn...

Cracké – Let it Slide

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Cracké - Let it Slide Squeeze - Ed, our paranoid daddy ostrich, is clearly wishing for holiday magic to happen! May all our friends, collaborators and loved ones enjoy a merry Christmas and a very happy 2017 new year...

Gordon Goose Christmas Tree

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Gordon Goose Christmas Tree Did you like Goose and want to know what it's gonna do next? Gordon Goose Christmas Tree, Gordon Goose - Christmas Tree!, Goose, Christmas, Christmas tree, Gordon, animation, funny...

Fearnando: One Thousand and One Creepy Stories

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Fearnando: One Thousand and One Creepy Stories Exodo Animation Studios - Fearnando is a normal kid, however there is something about him that brings strange things nearby.This is the first story of a saga to be k...

Return to Sender

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Return to Sender Short Film by Catherine Bailey A romantic story about a guy, a girl, and the mailbox that brings them together. This is my senior thesis film at Ringling College of Art and Design. Hope you enjoy! ...

Alike Short Film

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Alike Short Film "Alike" is an animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez In a busy life,Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son,Paste. But... what is ...

Casse Croute Short Film

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Casse Croute Short Film Troublemakers - Casse Croûte is a film by Burcu & Geoffrey who invite us on a little journey through a forest full of creatures who are all looking for something to snack on. We are tran...

Cocotte Minute Short Film

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Cocotte Minute Animation Short Film In a restaurant kitchen, a chicken dreams of escape and freedom while trying to survive a poultry race organised by the team of cooks.Short animation film presented at the Inte...

Little Alien Galaxy Award

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Little Alien Galaxy Award Serge Mustu - This movie has was made for personalization purposes. Meaning, in several parts you can change some informations like the Website, Addresses and the GoogleMap! This is of cours...

Burning Safari

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Burning Safari Animation Short Film Short animation film presented at the International Animated Film Festival of Annecy in 2006 by students of GOBELINS, the school of the image.Directors / Directors: William Tr...

Golden Shot Short Film

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Golden Shot Short Film by Gokalp GonenRusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light, keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the mach...

Goose`s Risky Life

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Goose`s Risky Life Goose is BACK! Now or never! Join the movement!...and go outside Goose`s Risky Life, Goose`s Risky Life, Goose`s Risky Life Short Films, Short Films, Goose`s Risky Life Animated Short, 3d,...

Dirty Pool Short Film

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Dirty Pool Short Film by Brent Forrest A timeless tale of good versus not so good.Brent Forrest: All the storyboards, animation, effects, lighting and rendering, compositing, editing and sound mixing. I built the...

Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate

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Majora's Mask - Terrible Fate by EmberLab A tribute to the legendary game, this short showcases Skull Kid’s dark origin story. Our take on how the Zelda Universe could be realized in film. A labor of love for all tho...


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Luxna Short Film Tom, a daydreaming and astronomy enthusiast child is separated from his girlfriend Andreya. Driven by nostalgia and his childhood mission, Tom makes a promise of going to the moon one day.Directo...

Knob Short Film

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Knob Short Film KNOB is a 3D animated short film, worked on by many talented student artists from the StudioX Program at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Our team has spent almost 2 years on this project. ...

The Albatross Short Film

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The Albatross Short Film In the center of a freezing, misty lake, a struggling writer's solitary fishing trip is disrupted by a strange creature from the bottom of a whiskey bottle.The Albatross is my graduation ...

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