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Monster Hunt

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Monster Hunt Short Film by Léo Nezot "A knight goes hunting for monsters in hope to prove his worth and courage.."Monster Hunt Short Film by Léo Nezot, Short film made during my 4th year at Supinfocom RUBIKA. ne...

The Itch Short Film

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The Itch Short Film by Yang Huang The Itch Short Film by Yang Huang, a graduate from Sheridan College. All the works from idea to sound effects are done by myself in four months. CGI, 3d, 3d Animated Short Fi...

Rituel Short Film

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Rituel Short Film Rituel a Short Film by Kcenia Marescq, Antoine Roumagne, Kevin Veynand, Jordan Weisgerber and Anthony Mondelin.Rituel a Short Film created at NEW3DGE Game art & Animation 3D by Kcenia Maresc...

Tracteur 3000

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Tracteur 3000 Short Film CG Short made in 3 months at MOPA school. The theme was "agricultural farm" (aka la "ferme agricole") Software used : Zbrush/ 3dsmax/ Substance Painter/ Guerilla Render/ Nuke. Ismail Berrah...

The Legend of Rurik

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The Legend of Rurik A Viking Warrior fights a dragon in a volcano to avenge his wife’s death.Directors : Jérémie Baumstark, Rachel Busquet, Guillaume Delpech, Kevin Lestrade, Pablo-Zaccharie Marin, Anthony Martin...

Agent 327: Operation Barbershop

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Agent 327: Operation Barbershop This three-minute teaser for a full-length animated feature is based on Dutch artist Martin Lodewijk's classic comics series Agent 327.The Blender Animation Studio is currently dev...

Sur Ecoute Short Film

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Sur Ecoute Short Film by Lea Cousty It talks about a meeting between a wale and a fisherman through a splitscreenLéa Cousty directed "SUR ECOUTE" 3D short film during my 4th year at Supinfocom Valenciennes, did e...

Let It Go

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Let It Go Short Film Let it go is my short, on which I got to explore various streams from Script writing to Compositing. Although I feel like I didn't do justice to the animation, I am pretty happy with the final r...

Happy Food & Parallel Parking

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Happy FoodSomething to enjoy in your lunch break Parallel ParkingWe made this to brighten up your day.Parallel Parking, Yum Yum London Presents: Parallel Parking, an an...

Swing Short Film

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Swing Short Film by Yang Huang Watch new Swing Short Film by Yang Huang, a graduate from Sheridan College. Here is my second short film "Swing" produced in digital character Animation program. CGI, 3...

How CGI Works

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How CGI Works: Bringing a Giant Ape to Life Sohail Al-Jamea - From pre-production and rotoscoping to lighting and color-grading, this is how digital artists use computer-generated imagery to create the visual effects...


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Deuspi Oscar Malet - Short film made during our summer internship at WIZZ Design, Paris. We're french students in animation at MoPA (formerly Supinfocom). This summer we created a very short film during our summer in...


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Escape Short Film Dolby Insider - A cinematic poem about the world-changing power of invention, the short film Escape is the latest example of animated storytelling that showcases state-of-the-art Dolby technologies....


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Divisor Short Film Divisor" shows the unexpected consequence as a result of mind shifting. Cyberpunk and virtual reality have shaped the esthetics of this short film.CREDIT: director/designer/animator/composito...


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Ghozer Third Year IGAD Cinematic Project.Credits: Rene Berendsen, Pim Bos, Rick Buurman, Aram van Bergen, Tobias van Bladel. Ghozer, Ghozer ShortFilm, Ghozer Short Film, Ghozer 2017, Ghozer Anim...

Two Birds, One Stone

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Two Birds, One Stone Richard Tuft Productions - My graduation film made whilst in my final year in the Calarts Character Animation Program.Two Birds, One Stone (or: Useful Life Lessons from the Antarctic)" T...


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Underneath Short Film by 4ARC Studios "Underneath is a story of a mild mannered man living in a world ruled by Monsters, where humans are not accepted. He earns a living by pretending to be a monster until he meets s...

Shell Game Short Film

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Shell Game Short Film by Yishen Li Animated Story about crab and its shell by Yishen Li from Sheridan College.Music by Xintong wang CGI, 3d, 3d Animated Short Film, animated, Animated Movies, Anima...

Desert Critters

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Desert Critters Short Film Li Wen Toh - A Desert Fox finds his everyday life ruined when he gets tailed by a younger puppy that just wants to be his friend!This Film also features:-Rocks! -Food! -Ears! -Sc...


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Farewell Short Film After the loss of a woman's baby during pregnancy, the arrival of a hand drawn bird will open the mind of this young artist for a new start.Directors: Chen Yang Hsu, Adeline Jacquot, Paul Jour...

Virtual Critters

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Virtual Critters Short Film Li Wen Toh - Virtual Critters! A brother tries to cheer his sister up after the loss of the family dog.This Film features:-Film by Li Wen Toh -Music by Lucien Ye -Sound Design by...

Napoleon – The Ticket

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Napoleon - The Ticket Matthew Berenty - Life’s too short, and so is Napoleon Bonaparte’s temper. Forced to come to grips with his new stature in modern society, Napoleon: The Ticket follows the pint-sized dictator as...

Out of Time Short Film

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Out of Time Short Film Metropolis 2079 - Cybaco Industries, a global tech giant, controls the city. Everyone lives and does the same routine everyday. Get up. Go to work, Go to Bed. Repeat. But once people's usefuln...


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CIRCLE Short Film CIRCLE depicts a young woman in despair, who after experiencing a tragic loss escapes into the seemingly perfect past. She loses herself in vivid memories and starts to neglect her real life. A cons...

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