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The Controller

Added by 3 years ago

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The Controller Short Film The Controller Short Film by Bob Yong, Kang Yung Ho, Ian Ie from Ringling college of art and design. Roles are reversed when a controlling mom is trapped in her son’s video game. Helpless, ...

Uncanny Valley

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Uncanny Valley Short Film Uncanny Valley Vfx Short film from 3dar. In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line ...

On The Same Page

Added by 2 years ago

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On The Same Page Short Film An Animated Short Film by Carla Lutz and Alli Norman.An introverted writer in a newspaper world has nothing to write about until he is whirled away into a colorful journey with his nei...

Flight Short Film

Added by 2 years ago

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Flight Short Film by Eagle Animation Studio The inspiring story of a penguin who tries to fly. Through various trials and tribulations he achieves something even more amazing than flight."Flight" is the first sho...

Pirate Parts Short Film

Added by 2 years ago

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Pirate Parts Short Film by Shabnam Shams, Megan Robinson, Sara Chantland "Out at sea, a lonely pirate is haunted by mischievous ghosts."A Animated Short film by Shabnam Shams, Megan Robinson, Sara Chantland Produ...


Added by 2 years ago

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CIRCLE Short Film CIRCLE depicts a young woman in despair, who after experiencing a tragic loss escapes into the seemingly perfect past. She loses herself in vivid memories and starts to neglect her real life. A cons...

Sailing Rocks Short Film

Added by 2 years ago

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Sailing Rocks Short Film by Cécile Minaud A geological phenomenon where rocks move and inscribe long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention. Maybe, we just don't take time to watch th...

The Artist And The Kid

Added by 1 year ago

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The Artist And The Kid Short Film A frustrated artist looking for inspiration in the mountainous valley of India is unknowingly led into a journey by a mysterious kidFilm made at Supinfocom-Rubika, DSK Internatio...

Les Pionniers de l’Univers Short Film

Added by 1 year ago

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Les Pionniers de l’Univers Short Film | The Pioneers of the Universe Short Film by ArtFx “During the 1960’s USSR space race, Macha, and Vassily secretly build a rocket…”Directors : Benjamin Bernon, Mathieu Guevel...

Day One – Sunshine

Added by 1 year ago

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Day One - Sunshine Guilherme Marcondes - Branded short film for Day One, a NYC-based nonprofit working to prevent dating abuse and domestic violence among youth.Global creative studio Lobo uncovers the subtle way...

The Gloaming – Animated Short film by Sabotage Studio

Added by 6 years ago

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The Gloaming - Animated Short film by Sabotage StudioWritten by Niko Nobrain Director : NOBRAIN Production : Sabotage Studio and Autour De Minuit Edited by Niko Nobrain and Gregoire Sivan Post Production by Sa...

Spy vs Guy Short film and Behind the Scenes

Added by 6 years ago

2.67K Views2 Comments

A retired Russian spy hunts down dangerous technology after it falls into unsuspecting hands. Short film by Red Giant. Spy vs Guy was made with the help of Red Giant BulletProof a complete offload, prep, and delivery ...

The Mega Plush

Added by 5 years ago

3.44K Views1 Comments

The Mega Plush Short film by Matt Burniston Set in the shadows of a gritty underworld, a war is brewing. The Mega Plush, a group of four plush toy vigilantes, are struggling against the uprising of the SOC (Society o...

FATE Official Teaser

Added by 5 years ago

1.64K Views0 Comments

FATE Official Teaser by Evermotion VFX Watch the teaser of “FATE” - upcoming fantasy short animation made by VFX division of Evermotion company. While exploring ancient temple a thief will face the gears of destiny....


Added by 4 years ago

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Tired by Megan McShane The tragic story of a spare tire who struggles to find a new purpose. Tired by Megan McShane, Tired, Tired Short film, Shortfilm, animation, CGI, 3d, Computer animation, 3d animation, 3...

Home Sweet Home

Added by 4 years ago

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Home Sweet Home Short Film A short movie by Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet and Stéphane Paccolat, made in Supinfocom Arles during our last year in 2013. Original music by Valentin Lafort. // Synopsis ...


Added by 4 years ago

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Artifice - FMP Short A group project by Felix Bauer-Schlichtegroll, Mohrag Taylor, Gordon Marshall and Nikolay Zorov. Artifice is a science fiction short about a struggle between man and machine, in the near future. ...

Waltz Duet

Added by 3 years ago

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Waltz Duet (Valse à Quatre Mains) "Emily and Elizabeth are two peculiar sisters. They're recluted from the world and became piano virtuosos."A short film created by some young people at Supamonks Studio.A fre...


Added by 3 years ago

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EMPSILLNES Animated Short Film by Jakub Grygier Empsillnes is an animated short film directed by Jakub Grygier. The story is a mix of existing well known stories with big influence coming from computer games and many...

Symphony of Two Minds

Added by 3 years ago

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Symphony Of Two Minds - 3D Animated Short Watch Symphony Of Two Minds - 3D Animated Short by Mecanique Generale. Symphony Of Two Minds - 3D Animated Short, Symphony of Two Minds, Short Animation, Short Film...


Added by 2 years ago

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ARID Short Film ARID 3d animated Short Film Directed by: Charl Van Der Merwe at The Animation SchoolA boy and his bull companion travel across the arid African landscapes in search of a safe refuge. Within the be...

Welcome to Our World

Added by 2 years ago

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Welcome to Our World Armstrong White - An exploration of nature through the mechanized lens of Armstrong White.AW Team:- Michael Degg, Sarah Bromley, Roger Prudden, Cody Zdanowitz, Ryan Reid, Mike Prentice, Rebec...

The Girl and the Cloud

Added by 2 years ago

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The Girl and the Cloud Last Christmas, Anna's Dad gave her the perfect surprise- her very own snow cloud. Anna and her little cloud went everywhere together, however she soon learned that sometimes, the perfect surpr...

The Scaredy Swan

Added by 2 years ago

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The Scaredy Swan The Scaredy Swan Animated Short by Burcu & Geoffrey.Producer : Acme Filmworks Agency : Deutsch NY Client : PNC The Scaredy Swan, Burcu & Geoffrey, The Scaredy Swan Animated S...

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