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The Pyramids of Egypt

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The Pyramids of Egypt Shortfilm Cairo, 1920, an archaeologist is about to discover the secret of the Egyptian Pyramids. Directed by Corentin Charron, Lise Corriol, Olivier Lafay, Nicolas Mrikhi. Music by Kalina Świątnic...

Amigo Shortfilm

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Amigo Shortfilm by Celestino Marina Beautiful Amigo student Animated Short Film by Celestino Marina. Amigo Shortfilm, Amigo Animated Shortfilm, Shortfilm, animation, cartoon animation, Animated Short film, Animat...

What’s the Crack?

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What's the Crack? by Blue-Zoo Animation Studio An animated short by Blue-Zoo Animation Studio. Made with the kind support of Tamborine & Solid Angle. What's the Crack?, What's the Crack ?, What's the Crack? ...


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Francis by Richard Hickey The story of ‘Francis’ came about interestingly from famed radio show 'This American Life'. Broadcaster Ira Glass asked 6 American writers to create a short story about Adventure. One ofthese s...


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Bibo  Anton Chistiakov :- A lonely robot who sells ice cream. In order to survive in a severe reality he recreates an imaginary world where he lives every day, like he did during the best time of his life. Bi...

Missing U

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Missing U Brooke Wagstaff - An animated play on words about the letter I, a lonely author who lives life with a sigh. Upon discovering that she’s missing her U, I goes on a perilous adventure to find him. Missi...


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CRUSH Short Film by Malek Rizkallah "CRUSH" is Malek Rizkallah final project of the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program in Vancouver Film School. He had a lot of fun doing this. He was inspired by almost everythin...

Dark Noir by Rafael Grampa

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Dark Noir by Rafael Grampa Dark Noir, a co-created animated short film by Rafael Grampá, Absolut and Facebook fans worldwide. The ambitious challenge invited people around the world to unleash their imaginations and t...


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Trickster - The Matrix Fan film Trickster is a small Live-action short film based on the Matrix movie, it's a fan-made film to see how far we can go with our skills in Film making and Visual effects. This project was...

Mr Hublot Oscar Winner 2014

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Mr Hublot: Best Animated Short Film (Oscar 2014) "Mr Hublot" is a short animated movie from S. Halleux's universe. written & directed by Laurent Witz codirected by Alexandre Espigares. Winner, Best Animated Short Fi...


Added by 6 years ago

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LIFE AFTER PI LIFE AFTER PI is a short documentary about Rhythm & Hues Studios, the L.A. based Visual Effects company that won an Academy Award for its groundbreaking work on "Life of Pi" -- just two weeks after dec...

Silent Animated Short film by Moonbot Studios

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Silent Animated Short film by Moonbot Studios "Silent" is an animated short film created by Academy Award® winning Moonbot Studios. It celebrates how storytellers, inventors, and technology work together to create cinem...

A la Française

Added by 6 years ago

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A la Française Short film A la Française Graduation short during our last year at Supinfocom Arles, in France ( promotion 2012). After one year and a half in festivals (like Animago, Animawow, and the Siggraph, where we...

Tamara Animated Short Film

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Tamara Animated Short Film A child's dream will overcome her circumstances. Animated Short film by House Boat Animation Studio Tamara Animatic Directed by: Jason Marino & Craig Kitzmann. Lead Vizual Developmen...

Love in the Time of Advertising

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Love in the Time of Advertising An animated musical love story about a young man who lives inside a billboard and is charged with updating the advertisements. When he falls in love with a beautiful lady living across th...

Operation LOLcat

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Operation LOLcat Operation "LOL cat" starring Roger Flambé - the first freelance animated actor, best known for his recent work as "the Knight" in the short film 850 METERS. Directed and animated by Joeri Christiaen ...

Rollin Christmas Animation

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Rollin Christmas Animation Rollin Christmas Animation by Rollinwild & Passion Pictures Idea & Directed by: Kyra Buschor, Constantin Paeplow. Producers: Paul Maresch, Andrew Ruhemann, Cara Speller Animation:...

Beans by Cinesite

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Beans Animated Short by Cinesite Beans, a short film with an unexpected ending, showcases Cinesite's creature animation skills. The film was written and directed by animator Alvise Avati and produced by Cinesite’s Anim...

Reaping for Dummies

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Reaping for Dummies Animated ShortFilm Reaping for Dummies  Animated ShortFilm by a group of five students from the 3D design and animation course at Idèfagskolen in Tønsberg Norway. The short film featured here was in ...

SuperBot – A magnifying mess

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SuperBot - A magnifying mess Short film by Trexel SuperBot, a tiny toy robot, Short animated film by Trexel Animation - He will learn that reality depends on the looking glass you are looking through. Script, Animati...

850 meters

Added by 6 years ago

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850 meters Animated Short Film 850 METERS is an animated comedy short produced by THURISTAR in coproduction with Lunanime. Synopsis : A not-so-brave knight is on a quest for Fame and Fortune - legend says rescuing a pr...

Caminandes: Gran Dillama Episode 2 Movie by Blender Foundations

Added by 6 years ago

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Caminandes: Gran Dillama Episode 2 - Blender Foundation's new Open Movie Caminandes: Episode 2 is an Open Movie produced by Blender Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Is a new project run free. As announced at the...

Forward March Short Film by ESMA

Added by 6 years ago

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Forward March Short film by ESMA In London, a group of guards parade music ... until a surprise guest joins the party. You will stand the pace? Directed by: Pierrick Barbin, Rimelle Khayat, Loïc Le Goff, Guillaume Le...

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Supermarket

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Mac 'n' Cheese Supermarket "Mac 'n' Cheese - Supermarket" is an animated short directed and created by Colorbleed Animation Studios, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This short film was established by the "Ultrakort" fund, ...

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