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Magic Mooncake

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Magic Mooncake Short Film Bitone - The film is telling a short story of mooncake cooking by using CG and real-shooting. It is expected to bring the best wishes to the reunion family and happy Mid-Autumn Festival to e...

Wakan Short Film

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Wakan Short Film When the sun sets on a small native American village in the middle of a forest, two children, Aiyanna and her brother,Tawa, are playing hide and seek. From the edge of the village, the young girl is ...


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Caldera Short Film Evan Viera - Through the eyes of a young girl suffering from mental illness, CALDERA glimpses into a world of psychosis and explores a world of ambiguous reality and the nature of life and death. ...

32 Rue Anodontia

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32 Rue Anodontia Directed by Manon Goyon, Baptiste Devant and Rebecca Essler as part of the Master 2 Animation of the ECV Bordeaux. Music and Sound design by Léa Joassin ECV-Creative Schools & Community...

The Rainmaker

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The Rainmaker ECV-Creative Schools & Community - THE RAINMAKER is an animated short directed by Océane Bernard, at ECV, Bordeaux, France. Promo 2017 The Rainmaker, The Rainmaker short, The Rainmaker sho...

Here’s the Plan

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Here’s the Plan Fernanda Frick - "A married cat-dog couple of cupcake bakers dream of opening their own bakery. One day their oven breaks and they have to postpone their dream in order to earn money and replace it. S...

Garden Party

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Garden Party Illogic presents Garden Party short film.Directed by : Florian BABIKIAN, Vincent BAYOUX, Victor CAIRE, Théophile DUFRESNE, Gabriel GRAPPERON, Lucas NAVARRO Original Soundtrack : Romain MONTIEL End ...

Fauche qui peut Short Film

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Fauche qui peut Short Film | The Grim Reaper Short Film by ArtFx “The Grim Reaper, trying to harvest the soul of an aging star named Sean, is interrupted by a mysterious sorcerer…”Directors : Marie Levasseur, Luc...

Les Pionniers de l’Univers Short Film

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Les Pionniers de l’Univers Short Film | The Pioneers of the Universe Short Film by ArtFx “During the 1960’s USSR space race, Macha, and Vassily secretly build a rocket…”Directors : Benjamin Bernon, Mathieu Guevel...

Frog Bits Halloween Candy

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Frog Bits Ep.2 Halloween Candy It is Halloween night. After a long candy gathering campaign Ollie decides to relax by the bonfire, but something is lurking in the dark forest..."Halloween Candy" is an episode of ...


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RUM Short Film Dark Barn Films - On a distant ocean, two pirates, Redbeard and Bluebeard, share a bottle of rum, as well as the spoils from their latest haul of booty. A cheerful truce exists between the two men as t...

The Legend Of The Crabe Phare

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The Legend Of The Crabe Phare Short Film Graduation movie from SUPINFOCOM Valenciennes 2015.Co-Directed by : Gaëtan BORDE, Benjamin LEBOURGEOIS, Alexandre VEAU...


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Weeds: An Inspirational Story “Weeds” tells the story of a dandelion, rooted on the wrong side of the driveway in a barren yard surrounded by dry dirt and dead grass. Just across the concrete lies another yard, where...

Hewn Short Film

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Hewn Short Film A wooden father struggles to support his beloved metal child who consumes wood to survive. Frustration builds as the father fails to stop the inevitable.In April 2017, graduates of The Animation S...

The Return of the Monster

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The Return of the Monster Short Film Mega Computeur - Will you wake up from this nightmare ? ...HUIIIIIH !A short film by MegaComputeur.Directed by Corentin Yvergniaux, Camille Jalabert, Quentin Camus Music ...

Savanah Swift

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Savanah Swift ECV Animation Bordeaux - SAVANAH SWIFT, direct by : Pauline GREGOIRE, Lucie BONZOM, Théo PIERREL et Benoit PARIAS Savanah Swift, Savanah Swift short, Savanah Swift short film, Savanah Sw...

Ice Pepper

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Ice Pepper Short Film ESMA - Two friends penguins wander on the sea ice. They discover something that can decide the fate of Antarctica.Directors / Directors: Alicia Journet, Maïlly Boulin, Soizic Lefeuvre, Cleme...

Tavolsag Short Film

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Tavolsag Short Film Original Soundtrack by The Cinematic Orchestra performed by the British jazz/electronic group Walt Disney Records. 3D Character Artists: Alexander Tomchuck, Arek Tomaszewski, Mikhail Korovyansky. ...

Letter from Nicholas

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Letter from Nicholas Human Ark - Watch the Animated short Letter from Nicholas.Title: Empik List od Mikołaja Client: Empik S.A. Agency: Grey Group Director: Wojtek Wawszczyk, Tomek Leśniak VFX Supervisor: Ark...

The Fox And The Grapes

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The Fox And The Grapes "One afternoon a fox was walking through the forest and spotted a bunch of grapes hanging from over a lofty branch. "Just the thing to quench my thirst," quoted the fox. Taking a few steps bac...

Buttons Extinct Short Film

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Buttons Extinct Short Film by Viral Chaudhari This animated short flows with the Mobile Phone Buttons who try to take the rebel against the Smart Phones. Because of the arrival of the Touch Screens these Buttons woul...

Fine Arts Short Film

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Fine Arts Short Film by Fanny Cyanure Martin Louis is a student at the Fine Arts School of Paris. Unfortunately, he is kicked out and needs to find a job. Eventually, he will become a night watchman at the Louvre Mus...

BBC One – The Supporting Act

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BBC One - The Supporting Act Tony Petersen Film - The new spot from Elliot Dear for BBC One via BlinkInk. BBC One - The Supporting Act, Elliot Dear - BBC One - The Supporting Act, Tony Petersen Film, s...


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Tuurngait Short Film An Inuit child wanders away from his village, fascinated by a wild bird. His father follow his trail, dertermined to find him before he gets lost on the ice floe...We worked as a group of fiv...

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