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Cereal Killer – Supinfocom Short Film

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Cereal Killer - Supinfocom Short Film Antonin Derory - A short film I made during my 4th year in Supinfocom (Valenciennes) within 4 month of production. On a strange breakfast table, a crazy toy terrorise the others ...

Bjørn’s Christmas

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Bjørn’s Christmas Colorbleed Studios - Bjørn celebrates life. Throughout the ups and downs of daily events he always celebrates happily. It’s his mojo. Check it out in his groovy Christmas performance! Bjørn...

All The Things

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All The Things Chris Guyot - "All The Things" is a collection of individual narratives, unified by a cohesive style. Our intention was to work on a short, simple piece. As many of you know, sometimes personal project...


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Cogs This film is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laurent Witz, and tells the story of a world built on a mechanised system that favours only some. It follows two characters whose lives seem predetermined by thi...


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PLAY-OFF MegaComputeur - Short film made at Passion Animation Studio London during our summer internship. A special thanks to Nina, Kate, Jason, Nia and Colin.Director: MegaComputeur Production: Passion Animati...

Frog Bits Halloween Candy

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Frog Bits Ep.2 Halloween Candy It is Halloween night. After a long candy gathering campaign Ollie decides to relax by the bonfire, but something is lurking in the dark forest..."Halloween Candy" is an episode of ...

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day Short Film Love, Death, Fate. Our award-winning CGI short film, “Happy Valentine’s Day” is about how the downfall of a couple triggers the birth of a new love between two strangers. Told in slow...

Voile Noir – Animated Short film

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Voile Noir - Animated Short filmAllan and Yvan, two pilots, go on a mission to try to end the chaotic current polity...Watch Making of   here - ...

Shave it Short Film and Behind the Scenes

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Shave it - Animated Short film by 3dar Studios.  Also behind the scenes look, at the people behind the monkey.---------- Short film, Animated Short, Animated Short film, 3d, 3d animation, cg, ani...

The Forgotten Forest Shortfilm and Making of

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The Forgotten Forest - A 3d animated short by Adam Sacco about an encounter between a forest creatures and lost fighter pilot. This is one scene from a longer story. Created using Autodesk 3d Max, Zbrush and Adobe Aft...


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BAKERS "CLAY" Filmmakers collective Bakers begin in image through this witty video. Directed by Bakers. BAKERS CLAY, CLAY, Bakers, supamonks Studio, CLAY Animated Shortfilm, CLAY Shortfilm, Animated, Shortfil...

Sr. Barrientos – Fuera de juego

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Sr. Barrientos - Fuera de juego Short Film Watch Animated Short film Sr. Barrientos - Fuera de juego from Animum Creativity Advanced School. 3d, 3d animation, Short film, Animated Short film, animated, Sr. ...

What The Fly Short Film by ESMA

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What The Fly! by ESMA A lizard conductor leading a symphony orchestra, when suddenly a noise comes disturb the course of his music.Animated films produced as part of the 3D animation training from the school ESMA...


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Exode Short Film One march ends, a journey begins. In a desert land, the last breath of a giant creature spurs the exodus of an entire people.Directed by Kathleen Cartier, Sandrine Gimenez, Nicolas Mrikhi, Baptis...

Chateau de Sable (Sand Castle) Short Film by ESMA

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Chateau de Sable (Sand Castle) Short Film by ESMA Chateau de Sable (Sand Castle) Animated Short Film. In the middle of a desert, soldiers are protecting a marvelous pearl, but a huge creature is going to steal it. ...

The Hungry Buddhists

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The Hungry Buddhists Short Film The Hungry Buddhists Short Film by Yunhao Zhang. Yunhao Zhang, Storyboard and layout artist currently working at Rooster Teeth. Graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design. This...


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Spellbound Short Film Spellbound 3d animated Short Film by Ying Wu and Lizzia Xu. "Spell Bound" is an animated short film about a lonely girl, Rene, who is jealous of her perfect sister Sunny but must save her after...

Very – Get More Out of Giving

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Very - Get More Out of Giving Passion Animation Studios - This Christmas, are celebrating the joy of giving in a film created by directors againstallodds. The film, part of a campaign by creative agency St...

U Scrusciu Du Mari Short Film by ESMA

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U Scrusciu Du Mari Short Film by ESMA A poor Sicilian family of moles has to emigrate to the United States. On their journey, they meet a fox who offers to help them.Directors : Fabien Collet, Fanny De Carvalho, ...


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Ghozer Third Year IGAD Cinematic Project.Credits: Rene Berendsen, Pim Bos, Rick Buurman, Aram van Bergen, Tobias van Bladel. Ghozer, Ghozer ShortFilm, Ghozer Short Film, Ghozer 2017, Ghozer Anim...

Blissfull Melodies

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Blissfull Melodies Short film directed for a project on the theme "Love", by four students of GOBELINS "Character animation and animated film" and "Master of Arts"They worked for 5 months (from January to May). T...

Pong Legacy Short Film

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Pong Legacy Short Film "Pong Legacy" finally is out ,Ramiro AMK Fernández lastest short movie.This is a narrative excercise done entirely from scratch to finished product, Including: Creative direction / Design ...

Letter from Nicholas

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Letter from Nicholas Human Ark - Watch the Animated short Letter from Nicholas.Title: Empik List od Mikołaja Client: Empik S.A. Agency: Grey Group Director: Wojtek Wawszczyk, Tomek Leśniak VFX Supervisor: Ark...


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Achoo Short Film ESMA - In ancient China, a little dragon who can't breathe fire will fight to overcome his weakness in order to take part in the New Year’s celebration.Directors : Lucas Boutrot, Elise Carret, Ma...

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