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Pregnant Mascha Halberstad - A sloppy male student is shocked to learn he’s pregnant.*Winner -Best Looks- KLIK Animation Festival 2016 Pregnant, Pregnant short, Pregnant short film, Pregnant cgi ani...

Reverso – Animated Short film

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Reverso - Animated Short film Barney lives with his father, Walter, in a littler suburban house. He tries to live a normal life even though Barney is different: His sense of gravity is inverted...Watch Making of ...

Creature Comforts The Lost Episode

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Creature Comforts The Lost Episode by Dave School Creature Comforts Fan Film Created by the Graduating class of September 2013 at The DAVE Shool. It is 100% CG created in Maya by students and is an homage to the Aar...

Marilyn Myller

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Marilyn Myller Stopmotion Short Film by Parabella Studios A year in the making, the full six minute stopmotion short features the voice of Josie Long, one zillion hand carved tiny things, literally tens of carved foa...

Pigeon Vs Robin – Christmas

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Pigeon Vs Robin - Christmas "A smile-worthy and sly comment on the have and have not nature of Christmas" Give generously kids! Pigeon Vs Robin - Christmas, Pigeon Vs Robin, Christmas, Pigeon Vs Robin Chris...


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Chirality Animated Short Film Chirality is a student short film created at the University of Hertfordshire. Chirality draws on classic RPG archetypes & game cinematics for its inspiration & visual style.A...

Les Liens De Sang

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Les Liens De Sang (Blood Ties) Short Film "In a family headed by a tyrannical father, the younger daughter will regain her freedom on her birthday ..."Directed by: Sophie Kavouridis, Manon Lazzari, Marion Louw, S...

Singularity Short Film

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Singularity Short Film by The Bicycle Monarchy In the midst of a war between humans and sentient androids, a Delta Force team must battle a dangerous enemy to rescue the US President.Directed by Samuel Jorgensen ...

The Chameleon

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Our Wonderful Nature - The Common Chameleon LUMATIC - In a world where a single chameleon has no natural enemies, this one of a kind creature is destined to hunt for prey.CREDITS:-Narration - John Berwick An...

The Mega Plush Episode III

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The Mega Plush Episode III by Matt Burniston Elle, the Mega Plush’s punk princess, might have been forced to grow up way beyond her teenage years but she always manages to find time to have a little “fun”. As she rac...

Perfect World

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Perfect World U.K. animators Karni and Saul directed the music video for “Perfect World” from the U.K. chart-topping musical artist Katie Melua. The video is a masterclass in storytelling, employing CG animation in a...

Swiff Short Film by ESMA

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Swiff Short Film by ESMA An alien spaceship breaks down and crashes on earth in the countryside. Its pilot, an alien who hates dirt goes through this terra incognita looking for his fuel, constantly disturbed by an h...


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Deuspi Oscar Malet - Short film made during our summer internship at WIZZ Design, Paris. We're french students in animation at MoPA (formerly Supinfocom). This summer we created a very short film during our summer in...


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D-fault Vfx Short Film by ArtFx “ Diane, an android domestic worker seeks freedom from her boss’ tyranny. ”Directors : AMAURY ROSPARS, WILSON VIRASSAMY SACRI, JORY BERTRAND, NINA CHLODNIK Specialists students : ...

Elemental Processing Unit

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Elemental Processing Unit Julius Horsthuis presents Elemental Processing Unit. This is my latest Fractal Short film.Elemental Fractals by Music: Eric Serra - Timecrash Elemental Pro...

Fine Arts Short Film

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Fine Arts Short Film by Fanny Cyanure Martin Louis is a student at the Fine Arts School of Paris. Unfortunately, he is kicked out and needs to find a job. Eventually, he will become a night watchman at the Louvre Mus...

This is How it Ends

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This is How it Ends Animated Short Film A short film about a guy who is finding something to quench his thirst. He spots a coconut and happily gets it, or does he?A 4th-year short film made by a group of 3 membe...

Catzilla – 3d Real Time Short film

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Catzilla a realtime PC benchmark. It was made with a nice collaboration with Platige Image. We did the code, they did the art. The music was made exclusively by Bent 'subsquare' Stamnes.The main idea of the pr...

Love in the Time of Advertising

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Love in the Time of Advertising An animated musical love story about a young man who lives inside a billboard and is charged with updating the advertisements. When he falls in love with a beautiful lady living across...


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Escarface Our graduation Film at Supinfocom. "Two grannies decide to attack a bank to finance their trip to The Stool Museum" Co-directed by Eva Navaux, Burcu Sankur, Vincent Meunier, Lionel Arnold, Dario Sabato, P...


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Life ShortFilm by Pixelhunters Life A short movie by Pixelhunters. Life is a battle of choices and roads to be taken. We choose our own paths, we mark our own map. Once choices have been made, actions play out. Conse...

NO-A Short Film

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NO-A Short Film by Liam Murphy Award winning graduation film NO-A completed at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The world is a desolate, unforgiving place in this action sci-fi with a surprising amount of hea...

Print Your Guy

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Print Your Guy Animated Short Film Print Your Guy is an animated comedy short made by six french students from Bellecour School of Art in Lyon, France. We are Alwin Leene, Sarah Barry, Quentin Cornillon, Laura Gissel...

Ma’agalim Jane Bordeaux

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Ma’agalim Jane Bordeaux Watch Official music video for Jane Bordeaux's Ma’agalim, An beautiful Animated Journey.In a forgotten old penny arcade, a wooden doll is stuck in place and time. Music - Jane Bordeaux Ba...

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