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Divisor Short Film Divisor" shows the unexpected consequence as a result of mind shifting. Cyberpunk and virtual reality have shaped the esthetics of this short film. CREDIT: director/designer/animator/compositor -...

14 The Movie

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14 The Movie A short movie by Juliette Coutellier, Charlotte Da-Ros, Cyril Flous, Amélie Graffet, David Jurine and Roxane Martinez, made in Supinfocom Arles during our last year in 2015. Original music by Alexandre Chai...

The Passenger by ESMA

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The Passenger Short Film by ESMA ESMA - A man wakes up alone in a train carriage. During his journey, unexpected events will lead him through his lost memories. Directors : Orlane Brouillet, Claire d’Intorni, Antoine...

Buttons Extinct Short Film

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Buttons Extinct Short Film by Viral Chaudhari This animated short flows with the Mobile Phone Buttons who try to take the rebel against the Smart Phones. Because of the arrival of the Touch Screens these Buttons would h...


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CICLO Animated Short film by Felipe Del Rio This is my first animation and I created it as a final project for sociology classes I had in my design graduation course. Submit Your Artwork, Demoreel & Jobs to Our N...

PIOK – Short film

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PIOK - Short film Piok Short CG Movie, Realised byTheo Dusapin and Cllement Dartigues, Student of ECV Aquitaine ------------ PIOK Short film, Short film, Animated Short film, 3d Short film, PIOK, Animat...

Chicken or the Egg

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Chicken or the Egg "Chicken or the Egg" is an offbeat romantic comedy about a pig who has an EGGdiction to eating eggs. But when he falls in love with the hottest chicken in town, he must choose what comes first... the ...

Operation LOLcat

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Operation LOLcat Operation "LOL cat" starring Roger Flambé - the first freelance animated actor, best known for his recent work as "the Knight" in the short film 850 METERS. Directed and animated by Joeri Christiaen ...

Making of The Black Case and Short Film

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Making of The Black Case and Short Film by ArtFX Students ArtFX team is pleased to announce the 4th movie from our 2014 graduates The Black Case. A film by : Alexandre Lemaire, Gautier Zahonero, Arnaud Michanol, Emeric ...

The Frank Job

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The Frank Job This is my senior thesis short film done at Ringling College of Art and Design entitled "The Frank Job" Responsible for everything. -story boards -character design -character modeling & texturing...

Bluey and the Flower Parade

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Bluey and the Flower Parade by Colorbleed Studio To make flying with children an even more fun and magical experience we developed an animated childrens’ series for KLM about their new kids mascotte Bluey. In cooperatio...

Wire Cutters

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Wire Cutters Short Film A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet. By Jack Anderson. Wire Cutters, Wire Cutters Short Film, Jack Anderson, Wire Cutters Short Film by Jack Ande...


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Soar Short Film A cross between Miyazaki and Pixar, SOAR is an award-winning 3D animated movie about a young girl who must help a tiny boy pilot fly home before it's too late. Soar was created as Alyce Tzue's thesis ...


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Void Short Film Void is a meditation on the psychology of the creative mind and the choices we face when we create. Originally a labour of love, then shelved as a horrible failure and now reborn as an odd remix of old ...

Last day of war

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Last day of war Short Film Last day of war Short Film by Dima Fedotof Last war broke out. All people are dead, but the machines continue dutifully follow orders. On the automatic base machines fueling and charge the w...


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RUIN Short Film by WES BALL RUIN - An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe. It's only a tiny sliver of a much larger story. An Original Project we're developing. it's a big fun sci-fi adventure with a very ...

TEOT Short Film

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TEOT Short Film by Eric TEOT Know the enemy within Scifi short film by Eric CGI, 3d, 3d Animated Short Film, animated, Animated Movies, Animated Short film, Animated Short films, Animated Short Films Award ...

Little Alien Galaxy Award

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Little Alien Galaxy Award Serge Mustu - This movie has was made for personalization purposes. Meaning, in several parts you can change some informations like the Website, Addresses and the GoogleMap! This is of course o...

Perfect Fit

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Perfect Fit Short Film by Vladimir Stanishevskii 3D Animated Short Film Perfect Fit by Vladimir Stanishevskii at Ringling College of Art & Design! Software: Autodesk Maya 2016, Renderman, Nuke Premiere, Photoshop ...

The Itch Short Film

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The Itch Short Film by Yang Huang The Itch Short Film by Yang Huang, a graduate from Sheridan College. All the works from idea to sound effects are done by myself in four months. CGI, 3d, 3d Animated Short Film,...

The Cliff House

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The Cliff House Short Film A 3D animated short film created by Yore Production. It tells the story of an old man with his struggles and determination to build a tower in order to reach his goal. Produced at Faculty o...

Tinder – Invention of Together

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Tinder - Invention of Together Buck - In this epic history of man and womankind’s eternal struggle to couple… and do other things, the good folks at Tinder let us get our art on to create a luscious world where people h...


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Pharaoh Short Film A young new pharaoh must face down tradition and family in order to find her place as a ruler Derrick Forkel - Shading, Modeling , Lighting , Compositing , and Grooming Mitchell Jao - Cinematograp...

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