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Love On The Balcony

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Love On The Balcony Short Film Love On The Balcony a film by Joshua Hyunwoo Jun and Kun Yu Ng. Produced at Ringling College of Art & Design Department of Computer Animation - Class of 2017. Love On T...


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Booba PFX presents Booba. Booba, Booba short, Booba short film, Booba cgi animated short film, Booba animated short film, Booba animated short films, Booba 3d animated short film, Booba cgi short film, Boo...

Creature From The Lake

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Creature From The Lake Short Film In the 80s, a manly and experienced monster hunter hero of a low-budget TV show, followed by his fat cowardly camerawoman go to a remote lake on the night of a full moon, when myster...

Wanderer Short Film

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Wanderer Short Film In a devastated world, a mysterious wanderer arrives in an abandoned warehouse. Using an intriguing device, he terraforms the world around him.Film Graduation Project from ISART DIGITAL, the v...

SEAM Sci-Fi Action Short Film

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SEAM Sci-Fi Action Short Film In the not-too-distant future, a tenuous peace between humans and remarkably human-like “machines”—some don’t even know they’re not real—is tested when synthetics begin spontaneously exp...

Metanoia Short Film

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Metanoia Short Film Metanoia takes us on a magical land as Mr. Philip narrates his epic adventures to kids at a hospital. When unusual events start taking place, we discover that the adventures are more than just bed...

The Story of Martin Luther

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The Story of Martin Luther Tumblehead - After 500 years, Martin Luther finally gets his own animated film! A completely and utterly accurate history lesson about Martin Luther.The film was produced on the occasti...

Saccage Short Film

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Saccage Short Film In a futuristic Paris, S.A.M., a garbage collector robot, goes after a plastic bag. Ignoring all danger, he will cross Paris to maintain cleanliness in the city.3D special effects: Alexandre BO...

The song of The Rain Short Film

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The song of The Rain Short Film This is the first animation short film of Hezmon Animation Studio. The film is based on true story which happened in China 80 years ago. We made this film in honor of the people who co...

The Passenger by ESMA

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The Passenger Short Film by ESMA ESMA - A man wakes up alone in a train carriage. During his journey, unexpected events will lead him through his lost memories.Directors : Orlane Brouillet, Claire d’Intorni, Anto...

Elemental Processing Unit

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Elemental Processing Unit Julius Horsthuis presents Elemental Processing Unit. This is my latest Fractal Short film.Elemental Fractals by Music: Eric Serra - Timecrash Elemental Pro...

Little Thing

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Little Thing Short Film Or kantor - Little Thing is an award winning Short film, about music, loneliness and the search for connection. its unique story and visuals created by one guy, and his computer. a story about...

It’s a Bird Thing

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It's a Bird Thing Short Film In the underworld of the favelas, Aaron, a little boy, lives a wretched and lonely life. Until the day he sees a wonderful bird flying overhead. At this moment, a strong desire to escape ...

Pong Legacy Short Film

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Pong Legacy Short Film "Pong Legacy" finally is out ,Ramiro AMK Fernández lastest short movie.This is a narrative excercise done entirely from scratch to finished product, Including: Creative direction / Design ...

Camila Short Film

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Camila Short Film CAMILA - Animated Short Film by: Léo Rezende, Nico Taro, Paloma Casado, Tabata Milene and Tiago Toshio. Produced at Faculdade Melies. Camila Animated Short Film, Camila Short Film, Camila –...

RODEOR Short Film

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RODEOR Short Film by Thibaut Wambre Heavy noises are being heard closer and closer, echoing in a dark and dusty saloon. A tall cow-boy appears in the doorway. Over his head is hanging a banner claiming that “Nobody ...

Zombaize Short Film

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Zombaize Short Film by Nicolas Lebas A zombie thug is trying to seduce every zombie women passing by without any tact. And when he finaly got his chance with a very attractive zombie he gets highly distracted.Zom...

Afternoon Class Short Film

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Afternoon Class Short Film by Seoro Oh 'Afternoon Class' The story is inspired by my experience that when I was trying to stop myself from falling asleep in afternoon class. "He's trying to stay awake in an afternoo...

Safari Short Film

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Safari Short Film Safari Short Film final year film made by Erica Gualandi, Thy Nguyen, Yukun Wang of three at Bournemouth University in the UK. My team did a three-minutes short animation that we would like to share...

Avocado Man

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Avocado Man Short Film by Blue Zoo Our talented interns collaborated together to make this short in a few weeks over the summer, learning our pipeline and tools.Directed by JÉRÉMY CISSÉ Animated by JULIA MILLAN,...

Ariane’s Sky

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Ariane's Sky Animated short film Film Graduation Project School: ISART DIGITAL MONTREAL, the video game and 3D animation / VFX School." Ariane, a space engineer and a passionate astronomer, discovers the danger...

The Artist And The Kid

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The Artist And The Kid Short Film A frustrated artist looking for inspiration in the mountainous valley of India is unknowingly led into a journey by a mysterious kidFilm made at Supinfocom-Rubika, DSK Internatio...

Overwatch – “Rise and Shine” Animated Short

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Overwatch - "Rise and Shine" Animated Short Explore the origin story of Overwatch's tenacious climatologist in our latest animated short: Rise and Shine!In "Rise and Shine”, Mei wakes up years after being cryogen...


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PLAY-OFF MegaComputeur - Short film made at Passion Animation Studio London during our summer internship. A special thanks to Nina, Kate, Jason, Nia and Colin.Director: MegaComputeur Production: Passion Animati...

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