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Animation Demo Reel by Joe Han. Compilation of Animation done as an animator in the last 13 years of working in the 3D industry. IMDB:

Shot breakdown:
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (creature and digital double animation) – Weta Digital
1. Troll
2. Gwahir and Fellbeast
3. Shelob
4. Mumakil and Riders
5. Fellbeast and FG Rider
King Kong (creature and digital double animation) – Weta Digital
6. Kong and both T-Rexs
7. Kong and Ann Double
8. Kong, Ann Double and T-Rex
9. Kong, Ann Double and both T-Rexs
10. (Fight Sequence) Kong and T-Rex
11. Kong
I-Robot (Robot and Car Animation) – Weta Digital
12. (Car chase sequence) All robots and Car and Truck
15. Snowy Animation Test (Pre-production for Tin-Tin) – Weta Digital – (dog animation)
2D Animation from my own personal short “Science Experiment” (animation, design, backgrounds)
16. Sleeping dog
17. Robot Hands / Vacuum Transform
18. Robot breaking through floor
Left4Dead Intro Movie – Valve
19. Tank, Zoey, Louis, Bill (animation) / Stairwell (animation & rigging)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer – Valve
20. Helicopter Jump – FG Counter Terrorist only (animation)
21. Defuse sequence – Counter Terrorist and Terrorist (animation, cameras, lighting done in Source Film Maker)
Portal 2 – Valve
22. Prototyping Test Dummy Concept (animation, modeling, rigging)
23. Portal 2 Web Ad “Panels” – Robot panel and crusher (animation, lighting done in SFM)
24. Portal 2 TV spot – flying robot (animation, cameras, shot design, lighting done in SFM)
25. Portal 2 Web Ad “Boots” – Chell (animation, cameras, shot design, lighting done in SFM)
Team Fortress “Meet the Team” Shorts – and Trailers – Valve
26. Mac vs PC trailer – Sniper, Soldier and Engineer (face and body animation)
27. Meet the Medic – all soldier deaths (animation)
28. Meet the Medic – Medic and Heavy (animation, lighting done in SFM)
29. Man vs. Machine trailer – Scout and Heavy (animation, cameras, shot design, lighting done in SFM)
30. Man vs. Machine trailer – All characters (body and face animation, cameras, shot design, lighting done in SFM)
31. Meet the Pyro – Pyro and Heavy (animation)
32. Meet the Medic – Medic (body and face animation, lighting done in SFM)
33. Meet the Demo – Demo (body and face animation)

Joe-Han-Animation-Demo-Reel_1 Joe-Han-Animation-Demo-Reel_2 Joe-Han-Animation-Demo-Reel_3 Joe-Han-Animation-Demo-Reel_4 Joe-Han-Animation-Demo-Reel_5 Joe-Han-Animation-Demo-Reel_6 Joe-Han-Animation-Demo-Reel_7 Joe-Han-Animation-Demo-Reel_8
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