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Christiane Vleugels is a talented Traditional Artist from Belgium. Her giant Hyper realistic paintings seem to tell a story and invite you in for the experience. Christiane‘s interest in art began at a very young age and by the age of 12. She studied in academy of Fine Arts and learned drawing and sculpting at SISA and the Royal Academy of Antwerp.


white_peony_by_raipun preview__white_peony_by_raipun white_peony__w_i_p__by_raipun girl-oil-painting fashion-photo Detail_Frozen_by_Raipun destiny_by_raipun Caroussel__Detail_by_Raipun 10-woman-realistic-painting bellator_by_raipun feathers___w_i_p__by_raipun vanity_by_raipun timeless_by_Raipun shine_by_raipun Secrets_by_Raipun rose-woman-painting Nimue___Lady_Of_The_Lake_by_Raipun mysthique_by_raipun purity_detail_by_raipun Luminous_by_Raipun la_boheme_by_raipun la_boheme__work_in_progress_by_raipun j__adore_by_raipun inner_beauty__almost_finished_by_raipun hyper-realistic-oil-painting hope_by_raipun Daniel_and_the_lions_by_Raipun firedance_by_Raipun The_Eunuch_II_by_Raipun body-builder-painting-Eunuch bodybuilder-painting-eunuch

  • Ken Okamoto

    They are great pieces of works. I am an artist too, myself, but not as great as these.