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Here is my work from Bioshock Infinite in Zbrush. I think the total amount of characters within the game is around 60, divided between 2 character artists and some outsourced work. So – it would have taken forever to prepare all of the pieces and would have been a bit overwhelming. I took on the role of Lead Character Artist during development and, other than the responsibilities that comes with that title, mainly focused on combat characters and general population.
GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_BoS GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_civilians GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_FoundersShortT1 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_FoundersShortT3 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_mopat GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_Siren GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_VPLongT3 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_VPMedT1 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_VPMedT3 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_HR_VPShortT1 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_IG_Combat_Alphas_01 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_IG_Combat_F_01 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_IG_Combat_F_02 GavinGoulden_BioshockInfinite_IG_Common
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  • Matthew R. Sinclair

    Your work on Bioshock is absolutely outstanding!!

  • Szintagmaar