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Balloon Short Film

A short film about fear of height.
Directed by Maxime DARTOIS, Valérian DESTERNE, and Justine VIEL.

This is a 3D animated short film made during 3 weeks at MoPA (Supinfocom Arles).
Maxime DARTOIS : modeling/texturing/matte painting
Valérian DESTERNE : modeling/Lighting/compositing
Justine VIEL : rigging/animation 3D/animation 2D/compositing/sound design
Theme : Vertigo.

Balloon Short Film (6) Balloon Short Film (2) Balloon Short Film (3) Balloon Short Film (1) Balloon Short Film (4) Balloon Short Film (5) Balloon Short Film
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  • Magic Lam

    HI I’m a student who is studying audio. I found your short film is quite fancy. And I really like your work. Can I use this video and make a remake music of it for my uni assignment please.
    My e-mail address is

  • HasanCan Taşova