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Building Fluid Solvers from Scratch – Houdini Tutorial

Designed for artists that want to understand how fluid solvers work, senior mathematician Jeff Lait walks you through the process of creating both grid and particle-based fluid solvers from scratch. Focus is placed on the visual effect of the various microsolvers, not the mathematics, in the hopes of demystifying what is often treated as an impenetrable black box.

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  • AS4More

    Great insight.

    Issues I had were guessing what you were setting to what because of the auto contextual zooming of the screen capture software (clipping off what all the parameters settings were).

    Also it appears that in 12.5.??? the Gas Projection Solvers don’t let things intersect as much anymore?… and ultimately they shoot out like a tooth pick (in scalar mode).

    Maybe I missed something because of the other issue, but this no longer really seems to get a similar result in the last part before the surface section (I’m guessing from what I can tell it’s because the solvers changed, but the so called legacy one gave me similar results?)

    The image below is after 21 frames so it quickly turns to a spike and blue and red particles never get to pass through each other much (as seen in the video).