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Cartoon Rig Showreel by Amine Kefi

Amine Kefi: I tried to do a simple and efficient face rigging that can easely achieve appealing cartoony poses, thanks for watching.

Cartoon-Rig-1 Cartoon-Rig-2 Cartoon-Rig-3 Cartoon-Rig-4 Cartoon-Rig-5 Cartoon-Rig-6 Cartoon-Rig-7 Cartoon-Rig-8 Cartoon-Rig-9 Cartoon-Rig-10 Cartoon-Rig-12 Cartoon-Rig-13
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  • The shown geometry doesn’t seem to be true, if there is only that much geometry how come the smile is so detailed.

    • Rodrigo Bitencourt Rodrigues

      Its a isoparm lines(just a curve representation from the lower level on the subdivided model), not the real poly count.