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ds2-undead-executioner-and-weapons 472105062a69db79b9aec37bb7a025f5 386495e26aac5e991b81fa22e81b34bc dc0db4283c8414ab04eaa0cfec554270 5310bc75ffe4ab05d1b05158b2d9da88Catzilla a realtime PC benchmark. It was made with a nice collaboration with Platige Image. We did the code, they did the art. The music was made exclusively by Bent ‘subsquare’ Stamnes.

The main idea of the project was to develop an antithesis of other benchmark productions which are mostly boring and aesthetically weak. Michał Staniszewski from the demoscene Plastic group came to us with a draft of an interesting, action-filled story with a unique design and aesthetics that would be as close as possible to an animated movie on one hand and to a video game on the other.

If you like the music, don’t hesitate to check Bent’s page:



Michal ‘bonzaj’ Staniszewski – script & direction
Michal ‘misz’ Szymczyk – lead code
Andrzej ‘uho’ Uszakow – code
Marek ‘mare’ Bielawski – code

Bent ‘gloom/subsqare’ Stamnes

Platige Image:

Bartłomiej Kik
Jakub Jabłoński

Jakub Jabłoński

Marcin Kobylecki
Marta Staniszewska

CG Supervisor:
Michał Gryn

Kik Bartłomiej
Concept Arist:
Jakub Jabłoński
Modeler and Texture Artists:
Jakub Bogacki
Michał Gryn
Artur Owśnicki
Paweł Szczeszek
Piotr Tatar
Bartłomiej Walendziak
Marcin Więch
Tomasz Wróbel
Tomasz Zaborek

Kamil Hepner
Michał Krupa
Mateusz Popławski
Character Animators:
Sebastian Kalemba
Maciej Wojtkiewicz