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Claire Obscur Short Film

Tonight, Claire, a 10-year-old girl, decides to face the monsters that haunt her for too long.

Directed by: Louise Bardou, Auriela Diminutto, Gauthier Hesbois, Alessandra Nespoux, Laura Prempain, Magali Sargos, Delphine Pinson.

Claire Obscur was made in 8 months by seven students of the school ESMI Bordeaux (France) :
Auriela Diminutto : Character designer, Animation, Setup, Character modeling, FX 2D, Character texturing.
Louise Bardou : Character designer, Animation, Setup, Character modeling, FX 2D, Animatic / Layout, Editing, Painting.
Gauthier Hesbois : Animation, Environment modeling, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing.
Alessandra Nespoux : Compositing, Environment Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Assistant animation,
Laura Prempain : FX 3D, Assistant animation, Character designer, Character modeling.
Magali Sargos : Texturing, Setup, Character modeling, Character texturing, Environment designer,
Delphine Pinson : Environment Modeling, Texturing, Environment Designer.

Tristan Hilaire : Original soundtrack
Sound design and audio mixing : Simon-Pierre Mageau

Supervised by :
Jean-François Hugon : technical director
Frédéric Marzullo : FX supervision
Lucas Ramanakasina : animation supervision
Jean-Louis Marco : script doctor and story board supervision
Aurélien Rodriguez : script doctor and editing supervision
Christophe Bastin : graphic bible

Software used: 3ds Max (FumeFX, vray renderer), Zbrush, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere.
3D animated film -2017- Higher School of Image Trades – ESMI – Bordeaux.

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