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Create Cartoon Character Face with Serge Birault / PapaNinja
Serge Birault share her process Create Cartoon Character Face: Sketch, Light, Cleaning & Skin Texture in Adobe Photoshop.

Here’s a small video process. A lot of people asked me for videos, so let’s go, It’s just the way I work to paint a cartoon face. I only used the soft round brush, I changed the opacity of the brush very often. It’s an A3 canevas, in 300 dpi.

Cartoon Character Face: Sketch

Cartoon Character Face: Light

Cartoon Character Face: Cleaning

Cartoon Character Face: Skin texture

Serge Birault
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  • Ckris

    You are awesome THANK YOU !! 😛

  • Victor Lozano


  • rlevo

    I love your work, it’s gorgeous.
    I have the one question : i have seen this brush texture all over the colouring tutorials and haven’t gotten a hold on how to get this pencilly soft yet textury result to it. How does it work ? Is it in the settings or is it a download preset brush I haven’t heard of ?
    I hope this message gets to you…

  • JC Caine

    Sound would have been good though. No clue what tools are being used etc because it’s so small.