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Déraciné (Uprooted) Short Film

It tells the story of Balthazar, a lonely man living in a petrified forest. When he is about to finalize his masterpiece, some tree men appear and disturb his lifestyle.

Déraciné (uprooted) is a graduation short film made at Supinfocom Rubika (2015).
Directed by: Noemie David, Julien Becquer, Andy Dupont, Matthias Mouton, Florent Arnould,

Music & sound:
Marc Bour (original score)
Thomas Van Pottelberge (Sound design & Mix)
End titles: Tanguy Weyland, Baptiste Chauveau

Déraciné-(Uprooted)-Short-Film-1 Déraciné-(Uprooted)-Short-Film-2 Déraciné-(Uprooted)-Short-Film-3 Déraciné-(Uprooted)-Short-Film-4 Déraciné-(Uprooted)-Short-Film-5 Déraciné-(Uprooted)-Short-Film-6 Déraciné-(Uprooted)-Short-Film-7
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