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Digital Banana Demoreel

Digital Banana Animation Studio is a Paris based studio created in 2005.
With offices in Paris, Sweden and New Zealand, Digital Banana is reprensented for commercial work in France by Standard Film and Vingt3

Digital Banana Studio strong creative and technical team is made of some of the most talented and experienced artists coming from the digital industry

John Banana : owner & creative director.
With almost 15 years experience in the digital industry, John Banana leads Digital Banana Studio.Since its creation, he directed dozens of commercials and TVseries pilotes, including the 1st Raving Rabbids crazy popular campaign that lead to the success of the franchise, and helped translate to the 3D world characters like Maya the Bee, Heidi, Zou, little Vampire etc.

Elton Banana 
: Lead Artist,
Anders Ehrenborg, is a highly experienced and talented modeling artist with a great sense of cartoon and anatomy.

He’s behind the most successfull characters produced at Digital Banana.

“John and I have been friends and collaborators on animation projects for nearly ten years. His passion for animation and creating animated characters is equal to his talent and dedication to the work. I can highly recommend him to direct animation projects as well as the development and design of animated characters.” , Kyle Balda Director/ Animation Director (Pixar, Illumination…)

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