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In this Mocha Tutorial Mary Poplin, covers tips and techniques for digital makeup using mocha’s planar tracking and After Effects for compositing. Many of the techniques covered will be useful for “any” compositing program including: Flame, Smoke, Nuke, Fusion and more.

Topics Include:
Planar Tracking for Beauty Work
Blemish Removal & skin smoothing
Object Remove Module and clean plates
Insert Module with Gridwarp
Blending Clean-Plates with Original Plates
Time saving techniques

Digital Makeup & Retouching Moca Tutorial Digital Makeup & Retouching Moca Tutorial_2 Digital Makeup & Retouching Moca Tutorial_3 Digital Makeup & Retouching Moca Tutorial_4
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  • Digital makeup in photoshop itself seems to me very difficult, thank you for giving the practical tips here.