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Fast & Furious 5 VFX breakdown, lots of Vfx Muzzle Fire, Explosion and Green Screen by Hammerhead Productions

Watch Fast & Furious 6 Final Trailer

Fast-&-Furious-5-VFX-Breakdown-1 Fast-&-Furious-5-VFX-Breakdown-2 Fast-&-Furious-5-VFX-Breakdown-3 Fast-&-Furious-5-VFX-Breakdown-4 Fast-&-Furious-5-VFX-Breakdown-5 Fast-&-Furious-5-VFX-Breakdown-6 Fast-&-Furious-5-VFX-Breakdown-7 Fast-&-Furious-5-VFX-Breakdown-8

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