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Houdini Off the Shelf – CloudFX

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Cloud Rig tool in Houdini. This tool lets you use volumes to generate realistic clouds and cloudscapes. In both cases, you will start out with a simple box and fill it up with a volume. You will then add noise to create a puffier look. Under the surface, this tool uses the OpenVDB tools introduced with Houdini 12.5.
Houdini-Off-the-Shelf---CloudFX-5 Houdini-Off-the-Shelf---CloudFX-1 Houdini-Off-the-Shelf---CloudFX-3 Houdini-Off-the-Shelf---CloudFX-4 Houdini-Off-the-Shelf---CloudFX-2
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  • Seghier Mohamed Abdelaziz

    how we can export these clouds to an openvdb file ?and use it in other softwares ?