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IGA – Aide Gourmet Commercial and Making of by SHED Studio and Blog

Here goes the 2nd spot of the 2013 IGA campaign. “Aide Gourmet” was about showing how much knowledge an IGA employee got in his head. For this we had to create a huge library filled with characters that suggest different idea to the client.

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This was a great opportunity to revisit our favorite section of the IGA store (Fruits & Vegetables). We went back to the previous campaign and retrieve all our asset. The biggest part of the job was to re-update all the shaders since the assets were getting old and dusty!

IGAAideGourmet_03 Capture996

We created this section so camera could basically film in any direction without having to rethink the assets. That way, we could reuse the same layout in the two IGA commercials.


The library section was definitely more tricky. In the end, with all the bookshelves, it contained more than 30 000 objects. We proceeded to split it in different floors so we could easily manage each “character setup” of the sequence. As for the books, we used an ICE setup to populate the bookshelves.

Biblio_Wire_01 IGAAideGourmet_02 IGAAideGourmet_Layout01 Capture991

When the layout was done, it was exported as an Arnold standin (.ASS) so the render scene wouldn’t get heavy. That way, our lighting artist could position the lights based on a lowres mesh of the scene, and the the high res object would be processed only at rendering.

You can see here the result of some of our dailies internal comments after a basic lighting setup was built to put the modelling in context.

Frame 020 Frame 040 Frame 100 Frame 130 Frame 210 Frame 300

Then of course came the shading of the environment, here’s some quick shading wip:

shelves03 Bibliotheque_shadeWip_v01f_ml Biblio_WIP_01 booksGeneric_v02a EnviroBiblio_shadeWip_v01c_im 6thFloor_shadeWip_v01b_im


As usual, here are all our animation step:


Our lighting pipeline goes like this. Instead of beginning by lighting characters, we first light the environment, and go through all the pipeline with it (lighting, render, comp). There is several good reason for this. To name a few: our environment renders are way longer to render than our characters so it’s good to start them as early as possible in the production and once we know the look of the background we can more easily light the characters.

Here’s a small breakdown of the first shot of the commercial:

Some Work In Progress of the environments Lighting:


Arnold render didn’t support IES lights files, so we created our own gobo filters to create a similar look.

IGAAideGourmet_Shot_004 Biblio_WIP_03 IGAAideGourmet_Shot_005 IGAAideGourmet_Shot_006 IGAAideGourmet_Shot_007_A IGAAideGourmet_Shot_007_B

Some work in progress and final frames of the characters lighting

As you can see, we put the environment look dev. in rotoscopy while we light the characters so we can get a quick visual representation of the final look of the shot

Biblio_WIP_04 Capture9992 Capture9991

And of course, some fun technical failure

Capture998 Capture999

This spot was also tricky because of the number of characters. We had to create 14 characters. Of course some of them are seen in the background and doesn’t need to be as polished as the main ones, but even removing those, we had 6 characters seen in close up. That means that all those character also needed proper hair grooming and simulation. In a couple of days, we will have a post about our Hair creation pipeline. So stay tuned.

BellaMarinada_shadeWip_v01m_im BellaMarinada_shadeWip_v01n_lg GustavoEggplantos_HairWip_v081_lg GustavoEggplantos_HairWip_v078_lg GustavoEggplantos_shadeWip_v01c_im JayLaraiponse_shadeWip_v02c_im JoConnaissa_shadeWip_v01f_lg HeidyGourmet_shadeWIp_v01g_lg AubertGhin_shadeWip_v01t_lg FExtraLouise_shadeWip_v01f_lg FExtraMylene_shadeWip_v01c_im MExtraBertrand_shadeWip_v01d_lg FExtraStephanie_shadeWip_v01b_im FExtraMolly_shadeWip_v01b_im MExtraSimon_shadeWip_v01b_lg MExtraPaul_ShadeWip_v01d_lg MExtraBruni_ShadeWip_v01c_im

Some final Full resolution (2538×1080) frames:

IGA__AideGourmet.0002 IGA__AideGourmet.0067 IGA__AideGourmet.0095 IGA__AideGourmet.0140 IGA__AideGourmet.0185 IGA__AideGourmet.0240 IGA__AideGourmet.0270 IGA__AideGourmet.0335 IGA__AideGourmet.0392 IGA__AideGourmet.0500

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