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IGA Petits bouffeurs Commercial and Making of by SHED Studio and Blog Benoit Therriault concept and storyboard artist created an awesome storyboard and 2d animatic. We prepared a little quad view video showing the 2D Animatic (top left), the 3D animatic (top right), the final animation (bottom left) and the Final delivered spot (bottom right). Rigging/Character TD, here’s a little video Miquel Campos (our character TD) created Here’s a few work in progress drawings/renders for the main characters in the spot. IGA_CAST CharlesSafari_shade1 CharlesSafari_shade2 Hair pipeline OceaneRabais_Hair1 OceaneRabais_Hair2 OceaneRabais_Hair3 OceaneRabais_Shad1 OceaneRabais_Shad2 ZoeySafari_HairWip1 ZoeySafari_HairWip2 ZoeySafari_HairWip3 ZoeySafari_shadeWip the little monsters which were quite a challenge to get right. we had to develop a shader that was not too pricy on the render time and at the same time easy to animate since the glow in their belly should be linked to their animation. In the end, the setup is exactly that. The intensity of a light in their belly was linked to an hidden object in the rig that moved between y=0 and y=1. That way, the animator could give personality to each monster with a simple “breathing” curve. LookDev_Monster Benoit also took some time to create awesome mood boards to help the client, and the lighting artists, to visualise the final look of the shots. Here is some of those mood board followed by some look dev. for comparaison. 2D Mood Board_001 Final Render_001 2D Mood Board_002 Final Render_002 2D Mood Board_003 CompWIP_003 Final Render_0032D Mood Board_004 Shading and lighting dev_003Shading dev_004Comp WIP with the glowing monster_004 Final Look - applied on every shot_004Final Render_005 SHED is a visual effects studio and post-production which dedicates its expertise and excellence in the advertising industry, film and television. Our craftsmen are passionate and creative, they push the limits, they innovate to make your stunning images to go beyond your expectations.  blog