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1stplayable Recruiting Experienced 2D Artist

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Location: Troy, NY Job # 3727852

Position Description:

We are looking for an experienced, full-time 2D Artist to be responsible for creating high-quality 2D art assets for mobile and handheld games on the Nintendo 3DS/DS, Apple iPhone/iPad, Android devices, Leapfrog systems, PC/Mac, and other platforms. Work will involve conceptualizing games and apps through reference gathering, game mockups, and other visualizations to define the art style for both new and established brands. 2D Artists are also responsible for creating characters, objects, backgrounds, user interface art, icons, animations, and textures. Our artists work in a variety of art styles for games and apps aimed at a diversity of audiences.


A fine arts or equivalent degree. Self-taught artists and students working towards their degree may also apply for part time, co-op, summer, or internship positions.
Experience working as a 2D Artist in games or other interactive media.
Proficiency in making raster- and vector-based artwork.
Strong understanding of drawing, design, color, light, and typography.
A strong understanding of usability, user experience, and the principles of human computer interaction.
Extensive experience with Photoshop and Flash.
2D animation skills.
A willingness to learn new tools, techniques, and art styles; and to iterate based on feedback.
Ability to work in a team and show self-initiative and resourcefulness.
Technical skills for optimizing assets.
Ability to write creative and technical documents.
Enthusiasm for making great games for kids!


Experience with Illustrator.
An interest in storyboarding
Team leadership skills for facilitating communication with dedicated artists.

Company Description:

1st Playable Productions, LLC., is an independent game development studio based in Upstate NY, with a focus on handheld games for kids and other underserved audiences.

Our mission is to inspire kids, gamers, and game developers with fun games for entertainment and learning. Our work runs the gamut from retail licenses and new IP to research games exploring new applications for this media. We love finding ways to get more out of limited game platforms, and are known for taking on tough technical challenges to create memorable, differentiated games. 1st Playable is also committed to positive social impact and community outreach, particularly in conjunction with educational organizations. As a certified B Corporation, we strive to make a difference in our community with the games we make and how we make them.

1st Playable Productions
5 Third Street, Suite 300
Troy, NY 12180

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