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3D Artist & Animator – Full-time/Part-Time – Remote

Open Realms, is an independent studio who’s seeking a passionate individual to fill our lead 3D artist role. Our upcoming project will require a keen eye and enthusiasm for a futuristic fantasy setting dealing with mecha and advanced combat.

This is a paid position and we are considering both full time as well as part time applicants. We are not looking for freelance work, we are seeking an individual to join our team and share in our vision.

The largest body of work will be 3D assets and animation – for which you will be responsible for both the conceptualization as well as the direct implementation of these assets. You will need to also feel comfortable with artistic tasks outside of your norm, as game creation requires skills that are wide and multidisciplinary.

Required Skills:
• 3D modeling and texturing
• Rigging and animation
• Advanced particle effects
• Familiarity with shader usage

Desired Skills: (Not Required)
• Conceptual art
• Shader programming
• Familiarity with Unity Engine
• User Interface design

Job Responsibilities/Duties:
• Design and create visual assets in any of the following areas: 3D modeling, texture mapping, rigging, lighting/shading, animations, particle effects
• Work full-time/part-time
• Working with team to achieve a cohesive style
• Keep in constant and regular contact with the team.
• As a member of a small team you will be expected to learn new subjects as necessary.

Expected Material to Produce:
• Characters (Mecha and vehicles)
• Environments (Organic and industrial)
• Effects (Explosions, lasers, fire, etc.)
• Misc (Science fiction/fantasy elements)

If you believe you have the desire and skill for this position, we encourage you to contact us. You can e-mail us at Please include your resume, a link to your portfolio, and a more casual description to help us get an understanding about you as an individual.

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