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Hi there,

We are establishing a new insurance broker/aggregator. And now we are working on different parts of the project.

We already use a red elephant figure in our logo and we have 4 characters for our company.
* Red elephant
* Red kangaroo
* Red panda
* Red monkey

The concept designs of 2D characters are already done. These characters are realistic ones and not cartoony. The other characters in insurance industry are also the realistic ones.

Besides, we have been working on 3D models of the character. And three of them are almost done. We created these character in 3ds Max 2013, Vray Render and HairFarm plugin for the fur, which will be also used on all the other characters. We think that all 3D models of the characters will be ready for rigging at the beginnig of September.

In addition, we already have backstories for the characters and a storyboard for a teaser animation. Moreover, we are working on jingles.

And, our aim is to have a teaser animation which will be used on web site and on social media. This animation would be around 15 seconds.

1- We will need a good Character TD who will be doing the rigging, but also he/she should be familiar with Hairfarm or any other hair plugin. He/she should be able to integrate the Hair system on the rigging. As I mentioned before Characters was done inside 3ds Max, Vray and Hairfarm workflow.

2- We want to have a teaser animation for about 15 seconds. Our characters will interact with real human people, so we also need shooting. However, we may discuss about the shooting.

We would be happy if we can collobarate with you.

You may give a quotation for 3D rigging and/or 3D Animation. Please indicate your quotation with details.

To apply, please send your resume and portfolio to