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Client Services/Encoding Technician

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Absolute Post is looking for a passionate individual to join our team. Our diverse workplace is an environment where our Runners are exposed to a variety of work within the post-production industry.


-Encode audio/video clips in various formats for multiple platforms while following and maintaining department specifications and standards
-Perform any necessary alterations and QC all content to complete for distribution with 0 errors or defects.
-Troubleshoot basic problems and issues that arise with transcoding, exporting and delivery of video files
-Ensure technical specifications and quality control for all encoded and transcoded files
-Make sure that our workplace is kept clean at all times and that our kitchen area is maintained and fully stocked
-Assist our clients and other employees, in the office and on location when necessary
-Help our clients to feel comfortable by providing top quality hospitality services
-Make sure that our workplace is kept clean at all times and that our kitchen area is maintained and fully stocked
-Assist with administrative or building service duties as needed

Necessary Skills:

-Applicant needs to be able to demonstrate technical skills, knowledge of compression formats a positive as well as familiarity with typical broadcast formats & a strong interest in developing skills in either CG or 2D. We currently run Flame, Maya, AE, Nuke, Flare & support s/w for those programs listed.
-A degree or equivalent qualification in your chosen specialty, which may be technical or general
-A team player who is friendly and enthusiastic
-Able to maintain a good attitude in a sometimes high-pressure environment
-The ability to use initiative to fix problems as they arise
-A strong desire to learn and thrive

Please email with a copy of your resume.
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