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Animal Logic Recruiting Matte Painter

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Matte Painter – Unbroken (Sydney)

Animal Logic is seeking a talented matte painter to join our team on ‘Unbroken’ in June. Due to this start date we would encourage you to apply only if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible for a working holiday visa.

You will be working in a collaborative environment with an internationally recognised group of artists with high standards of excellence both creatively and technically.

We are currently looking for Matte Painters with at least 2 years production experience on feature films. The position involves working closely with the VFX Supervisor and Lead to realise the production’s requirements.


To be successful in the role the following is required of all candidates:

Ability to follow a brief and produce complex matte painted elements to a high standard with a thorough understanding of perspective, lighting, and colour.
Feature film experience essential, with a high level of expertise in producing designs for large screen format.
The ability to create photo-real environments and landscapes that exhibit a strong foundation in photo-realistic traditional and digital art.
A high level of understanding of 3d projection work in Nuke and Maya to ensure the highest standards of plate integration.
A high proficiency in Photoshop.
An ability to collaborate with other members of the production ie: surfacing, modelling and compositing in order to get the best result in the most efficient way.
A strong knowledge of camera focal lengths and a good sense of composition.
The ability to produce concept art that conveys the style, lighting and character of the brief would be an advantage.
Ability to work well with other in a team environment and when necessary to pass knowledge to other staff members.

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Animal Logic Recruiting Matte Painter, VFX Jobs, Animation Jobs, Video Game Jobs, Art jobs, 3djobs, vfxjobs, CGIjobs, Jobs, Matte Painter