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Animal Logic Recruiting Support Engineer & Final Layout Artist

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Support Engineer – Facility

Are you a Support Engineer interested in joining us in our Vancouver studio!?! This position is responsible for supporting and maintaining the company’s IT systems and networks and for providing efficient desktop/laptop support to all business users. The Support Engineer installs and configures computer systems, diagnoses hardware and software faults and solves technical and application problems.

What you’ll get to do:

Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks; ensure security upgrades are applied and kept up to date
Install and configure computer hardware operating systems and applications, antivirus and authorised software
Diagnose, troubleshoot and solve hardware or software faults, technical, system and network issues
Take ownership of customer issues reported and see problems through to resolution in an efficient and timely manner
Follow standard practices and procedures for proper escalation of unresolved issues to the appropriate internal teams
Support the overall technical goals in partnership with software, R&D and production groups
Communicate with the team and other departments for any IT support related issues
Regularly communicate with Production on new workflows and tools
Filter all purchase requests and approve or escalate requests
Obtain quotes for inventory as required and conduct all activities with financial awareness and where relevant make recommendations for improvements to the group
Generate and maintain accurate technical documentation for the systems, processes and procedures as required
Perform basic administrative support duties as required to meet operational objectives
Manage vendors as required

What you bring:

2+ years’ experience working in a Support Engineer role or similar
Experience working within an Entertainment/Media industry is desirable
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or related field or an equivalent level of competence obtained through experience, education and/or training
Experience using any flavour of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X systems; Active directory; Microsoft Office 2013/2016 and Thunderbird is desirable
Ability to multi-task, prioritize and problem solve
Ability to work within a strong team environment
Strong communication and interpersonal skills

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Final Layout Artist – LEGO 2

Are you a Final Layout Artist interested in working on LEGO® 2? The Final Layout Artist is responsible for camera polishing, stereo, final set dressing and picture compositing.

What you’ll get to do:

Finalising the cinematic staging and camera positioning as directed by the Layout Supervisor or Director
Work closely with the Layout Leads and Supervisor to polish camera animation and lensing style which is in alignment with, the film director’s vision for the film and its narrative
Clearly understand the creative requirements of a sequence and deliver these creative goals in a timely manner and to the highest standard
Work closely with the Stereo department to implement stereo qualities into the narrative
Provide technical setups of shots to downstream departments
Keep abreast of relevant and related emerging techniques and technologies
Adhere to deadlines and anticipate, communicate and troubleshoot technical issues with Production
Help provide solutions to creative briefs through existing tools & processes
Understand department pipeline including all assets and tools, and their purpose
Become proficient with the departments propriety tools

What you bring:

3-5+ years’ experience working in CG on feature animation, VFX projects or TV Series
3-5+ years’ experience in Final Layout and/or Stereo team
Previous experience working with large digital feature film production pipelines
Previous experience in Stereo is a bonus
Working knowledge and understanding of 3D software packages used in digital film production, in particular XSI and Maya
Working knowledge and understanding of camera polishing and composition techniques such as f/stop and framing rules
Working knowledge of camera animation, scene set-up and set dressing
Ability to produce high-level camera work with an in depth knowledge of framing, composition and cinematography
An understanding of editing and ensuring continuity over a sequence of shots and the film
Excellent visual communication skills including but not limited to drawing
Recognized post-secondary qualification in animation, film or related field is preferable
A demonstrated passion in camera animation, picture cinematography, cinematographic history, staging and directing
Enthusiasm, positivity, initiative and talent, coupled with an understanding for taking direction
Have an “eye” for picture composition and attention to detail
Ability to work solo as well as collaboratively within a team environment
Maintain a flexible approach with the ability to achieve deadlines within a team environment while under pressure
Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to efficiently organize and prioritize work across multiple areas
Willing to learn, and contribute to the success of the team and project
Have the ability to listen and be open to all feedback given
Open to new workflows and tool sets

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