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Arkalis Interactive Recruiting 3D Animator, Lead Artist, Senior Environment Artist & Technical Artist


3D Animator

Location Ordino, Andorra

Job Information


Arkalis interactive is one of the newest game labels in Europe. The label both develops and publishes multi-platform downloadable video games and apps. The entire app or game from concept through to marketing and launch is managed within the Arkalis studios.

Partnership agreements give Arkalis access to some of the best content to develop into games/apps.
The team is currently working on an app for MGM’s Stargate SG-1 and the studio expects to launch more branded apps and games within the coming months.


– Develop, define and maintain high-end animation.
– Proactive in creating solutions and solving problems.
– Participate in peer reviews, giving and receiving team feedback.
– Able to work with team members of other disciplines. Such as, communicating with game-play programmers for implementing character mechanics.
– Generate and present ideas for Artist development.
– Contribute documentation on processes and task tracking throughout development cycle.

– Love video games inside & out
– Excellent eye for quality 3d artwork
– Proficient in 3D Max (experience in Character Studio);
– Excellent animation skills and expert on character animation
– An exceptional understanding of human and non-humanoid anatomy and a keen eye towards form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regards to modeling
– Strong fundamental understanding of the basic principals of animation (posing/rhythm)
– Ability to work as a team player with designers, developers and producers

– Former work experience on 3D iPhone games
– Former work experience in the gaming industry (2-5 years) and with AAA titles published.
– Former work experience on creating 3d animation
– Ability to make low poly meshes and low-resolution texture
– Familiar with nextgen asset production pipeline
– Solid background in academic drawing, traditional arts, sketching and/or illustration.


– Accommodation package.
– We will assist you to process your application for a residence and work permit.
– Chillout sessions, where we get reunited to talk, eat and drink something.
– Ski and Snowboard stations at 10min from our studio.
– Full Medical Insurance
– Net competitive salaries.
– Very High quality of life, clean air, a quiet and beautiful place to live.
– Outdoor activities, Natural Parks, Climbing routes and rock walls, Canyoning, Ecotourism routes, Mountain bike routes, Routes on horseback, Trekking.
– As Andorra is a Principality, the prices of electronics, cameras, consoles, video games, pharmaceutical
products, food and tobacco use to be much more lower than in other countries.


Lead Artist

Location Ordino, Andorra

Job Information

The Lead Artist leads an art team in the development of the highest quality of art work for Games. The art team is comprised of animation, environments, character creation, visual effects and user interface and works directly with the Design and Engineering team. The Lead artist will work with the Art Director and Design Leads to drive the art team to follow the creative vision.

• Collaborate with the Art Director to lead the creation of consistent, high-quality art work
• Help to break down workload, manage complete art team
• Drive the team to meet project deadlines and milestones
• Regularly reviews, provides feedback and approves all art content
• Facilitate and manage all art team communication both internal and external
• Identify and anticipate artistic problems and communicate solutions to the appropriate project managers
• Ensure adequate pre-production and testing of new concepts/techniques is complete prior to production of title.
• Identify problems that can be addressed visually and provide solutions.
• Create and assist with management of project schedules and resource planning.
• Conduct critiques with clear and consistent direction to the art team.
• Demonstrate a high level of creativity and originality in treatments of licensed IP and licensor style guides without violating license issues, or create style guides if none exist.
• Responsible for mentoring, training, career direction and performance evaluations for the Art teams.

• Experience with various levels of leading teams or art direction on a successfully shipped game.
• Demonstrated ability to supervise and direct large franchises that ship on-time, which includes providing consistent and clear direction for large art teams.
• Must demonstrate an ability to present to and manage their teams well, providing inspirational leadership and mentoring to artists at all levels.
• Capable of identifying and recommending needs for art-specific tools to enhance or control visual aspects of game.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills; must be able to communicate difficult and creative concepts in a clear and concise manner; capable of writing design documentation defining needs.
• Excellent presentation skills.
• Strong understanding of how the art pipeline works, both technically and managerially, and how to create/modify and monitor it.
• Advanced understanding of several 2D and 3D software packages.
• Follow the vision and provide clear direction for artists while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency.
• Contribute innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game art and production.
• Set an example for all team members by regularly demonstrating strong work ethics, quality of work, teamwork, motivation, and solid leadership
• Must have excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills
• A strong working knowledge of the processes and pipelines of Engineering and Design.
• A deep understanding of the various technical disciplines that go into game art including: concept design, graphic design, animation, environment modeling, character modeling, texturing, lighting and rigging.


Senior Environment Artist

Job Information

As a Senior Environment Artist you will work with a team creating highly detailed game environments and world assets. You’ll have opportunities to set the quality bar for our internal team by creating and visually perfecting an environment by fine-tuning all elements, including skybox, set dressing, materials, composition, and lighting.


Work with Art Director and other artists to build and integrate 3D assets, lighting, materials, decorators, and skybox elements into a visually consistent and highly immersive world
Lead/direct activities and implementation of environment art assets
Mentor other artists on technique and process
Personally create a significant portion of the world including modeling, texturing and refining and polishing environment art, creating terrain, lighting, creating and placing decorators, and skybox work.

Required Experience

-3+ years experience in game industry, specifically modeling and texturing environments
-Experience using proprietary editors, software and tools
-Experience establishing and driving new workflows for content creation
-Bachelors degree in Art or related field
-Shipped 2+ titles as an environment artist
-Experience mentoring other artists

-Experience managing, scheduling, critiquing work for multiple artists
-Shipped 1+ AAA title in last 3 years

Required Skills
-Strong foundation knowledge in traditional arts, including but not limited to: graphic design or illustration, life drawing, environmental and/or architectural illustration or similar.
-Expert level knowledge of MAX and/or Maya, or other 3D software package
-Expert level knowledge of Photoshop or other image editing tools
-Proficient with Z-Brush, Mudbox or other high resolution sculpting tools
-Experience using proprietary editors, software and tools or other similar –
-Experience with Unreal 3, Radiant, Source Engine, etc.
-Experience in Mobile iOs, Android, Tablets games (MMO will be appreciated)
-Understanding of the construction and application of materials and shaders
-Excellent understanding of art pipelines and workflow
-Excellent collaboration and communication skills to bridge the gap between art, design, and tech.
-Ability to work within a style and effectively communicate to the rest of the team
-Solid understanding of color theory, and be able to create balanced & appealing color palettes through lighting, texturing and material work
-Demonstrated grasp of scale, proportion lighting and form
-Solid understanding of the aesthetics of environment, function vs. form relationships, as well as what makes a game level fun and engaging
-Team player with the drive and initiative to deliver extremely high quality work within performance and time restrictions.
-Must be punctual, diligent, articulate, and organized
-Easily manages time constraints and multiple priorities
-Can initiate visual direction without specific concept or design


Technical Artist

Location Ordino, Andorra

Job Information

Job Description & Environment:

A Technical Artist works part of the art team, and coordinates closely with the lead artists and the art director, as well as the lead programmers and lead designers.

You will be also charged with investigating new techniques and implementing them. The job often includes a teaching element, with the Technical Artist sharing their knowledge via training and mentoring sessions with other artists.

As a member of the art team, your main tasks will consist in to show technical proficiency in areas such as lighting and rendering, 3D assets creation pipelines, texturing, and graphics-related programming languages such as shaders.

Artist Support and Advocacy:

• Technical Artists serve as both an advocate for the Art department as well as the bridge between Art and Engineering.
• They must know what a healthy art pipeline “looks like” and must help make sure that content creators have the tools & support necessary to do their jobs.
• Technical Artists are the first line of defense in diagnosing any software problems artists/designers have, and in helping to debug them.
• Continually be on the lookout for technologies that can improve our game content creation process, researching the “next phase” of pipeline development. Evaluate upgrades to DCC software currently in use by artists in the studio, and completely new software packages, with an eye towards keeping the pipeline running smoothly.
• Identifying process bottlenecks and working on eliminating them is something all people on the team should consider a priority.


– Setting up and maintaining the art production workflow as well as making decisions about which art packages and tools a studio should use.
– Demonstrating technical skills and a solid understanding of the rendering theory as well as 3D engines
– Demonstrating good communication skills with team of artists and programmers.
– Demonstrating modeling abilities, both in high- and low-polygon resolution.
– Collaborating with the Lead Artist and Art Director to create high-quality visual sets
– Being actively involved in the creation process and constant interacting with the game and level designers
– Meeting project deadlines/milestones as set by project leads
– Contributing efficiently to the artistic pipeline and to platform limitations


– Be able to create custom tools to improve the efficiency of their team
– Excellent organizational skills
– Ability to anticipate the needs of the artists so as to streamline their productivity.
– High proficiency in 3D Studio Max & Maxscript (or similar software).
– Knowledge of the modelling/texturing pipeline in low polygon
– Highly motivated with a passion for video games, tools and production processes.
– Working experience on Mobile, iOs, Android games and MMO.
– Knowledge of editors like Unity or Unreal is a plus.
– Knowledge of Vray or Mental Ray is a plus.
– A test will be required as a first step of the selection process.
– Fluent English.


All applicants need to have 3D models available online, with fully textured creations or examples of their tools or work.

Please send your application with your CV and demo reeel or portfolio with the reference TECHNICAL ARTIST 3D to:

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