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Arkane Studios Recruiting Lead VFX Artist

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Lead VFX Artist

Division: Arkane Studios Texas
Department: Art
Location: Austin, TX, US

Arkane Studios is looking for a Lead VFX Artist to join our team! The Lead VFX Artist establishes the quality and visual consistency, by maintaining high visual standards for the team. The ideal candidate has an understanding of memory and frame budgets, production schedule and project goals, animation, programming and design concerns, understands PBR lighting basics and material authoring.


Work with the Art Director to set the art style and visual standard for the team by the creation of art assets, a mastery of internal technology and tools pipeline and departmental production dependencies
Create pre-visualization concepts by any means necessary to establish the visual effects direction
Research and analyze current and emerging visual effect trends and technology and collect reference materials that support the visual quality and style for the VFX team
Create clear and accurate technical writing and documentation regarding VFX production and use by other artists
Work closely with the graphic engineering team to develop new or improve upon old technologies to improve visual effect quality
Collaborate with the level design and gameplay teams to create visual effects that support gameplay systems
Handle all aspects of the VFX pipeline, which includes creating content from concept to final polished result
Work with the Production team to maintain a clear and consistent schedule
Supervise bug distribution and verify bug fixes


5+ years’ experience in video games as a lead or visual effects artist
Experience with real-time VFX authoring tools
Expert understanding of Maya or other 3D package for creating 3D assets
Strong knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects
Experienced with PBR engines like idTech, CryEngine, Unreal, or Unity
Critical eye for timing and motion in relation to real world physical behaviors
Understanding of VFX asset costs and impact on console performance
Self-motivated, results-oriented, driven to create top quality visuals
Shipped at least 2 AAA title in a senior/lead role
Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, iterative development environment
Excellent communication, organizational and time management skills
Provide team performance evaluations
Demo reel required

Desired Skills:

Very strong problem-solving skills for technically challenging tasks
Experience developing first-person shooter (FPS) games and/or immersive-sims
Experience with fluid dynamics simulation software, such as Houdini and FumeFX, for fire, fluid, and soft/rigid body dynamics
Bachelor’s degree in Art, Animation, or Game Development

How to Apply

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