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Paint/Roto Artist – Artemple-Hollywood

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Artemple-Hollywood launched in January 2014 and is headquartered in Culver City, CA. Within its first year, the company produced visual effects for David Fincher’s blockbuster hit Gone Girl, for 20th Century Fox, and was the sole visual effects company on Warner Bros. film Entourage. Artemple has recently worked on the HBO series Vinyl and Chinese Oscar contender Da Tang Xuan Zang.
Artemple’s specialty is in creating complex 2.5D and 3D environments that augment the storytelling process. We also provide a broad range of skill sets from On-Set Supervision, Conceptual Art and Visual Effects Design, CG Environments, Matte Paintings, Compositing, Set Extensions, CG Effects, Crowd Duplications, Previz, Beauty Enhancements, Rig Removal, Live Action Production, and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capabilities.

JOB TITLE: Paint/Roto Artist


Paint/roto artists are responsible for multiple aspects of plate preparation and creation of elements. In collaboration with compositors they work to seamlessly integrate elements of a shot in order to achieve realism and cohesiveness.

Tasks include:

– Use rotoscope techniques in Nuke to generate mattes and splines.
– Use paint and compositing techniques in Nuke and/or Mocha to produce clean plates, remove rigs, wires, tracking markers, or other artifacts, dust busting, green screen cleanup, etc. This may involve generating pre-comps for use by compositors or may require taking shots to completion.


Demo reel required.
Intermediate to advanced knowledge/experience with Nuke and Mocha.
Knowledge of Maya and Photoshop a plus.
Knowledge of 2D Camera Tracking a plus.
Traditional art background and/or photography background a plus.
Ability to complete assigned tasks effectively, on time, and to the highest quality.
Ideal candidate works well in a team, can multitask, and responds well to feedback and guidance.


Please send your demo reel and resume to
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