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Barajoun Entertainment – Rigging TDs

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About the job

Sets up rigs for optimal performance and efficient animation output while collaborating closely with Design, Modelling and Animation departments.
Must have extensive articulation and deformation skills.
Create fully scripted rigs and refine them according to animation and lighting needs
Prototype, implement and refine puppet (skeleton), cloth (deformer based) or mechanical rigs
Troubleshoot and fix rig issues, collect artistic feedback and fine tune rig behavior
Become a proficient user and contributor of the extensive rigging tool-set
Create simple tools to help animation workflow and rig interaction
Work within the pipeline and rigging standards
Meet delivery deadlines under production constraints
Devises and innovates methods of working with skeletons, modelling geometry and weighting that meet the project’s creative objectives.
Able to take direction and constructive criticism from the Supervisors and feedback from the Directors.


The candidate should hold 7+ years’ strong experience and proven track record in CGI Animated Movies
Ability to guide a team of artists
Strong experience and knowledge of Rigging in Maya (a must) and other rigging systems
Comprehensive knowledge of character motion, anatomy, structures and dynamics
Strong knowledge of human and quadruped anatomy
Knowledge in API C++, MEL or Python
Ability to deliver work on time and accept accountability of own actions
Detail oriented
Strong problem solving skills
Be able to receive and address constructive feedback
Flexible to work long hours and if required, work calmly under pressure
Good communication skills

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