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Barajoun Entertainment Recruiting Senior Animator & Compositing Artist

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Senior Animator

Job Description:

Barajoun is looking for a senior character animator with extensive experience animating human character.
The Senior Animator will be responsible for producing animated character and shots under the direction of the Animation Director & Supervisor.


Excellent knowledge of animating using Maya, with outstanding animation skills representing knowledge and application of weight, timing, pace and poses
Passion for animation, bringing characters to life with realistic human and animal motion
Create high quality animation content, primarily inventive creature and characters

Requirement & Experience:

Minimum 5 years of experience creating character and creature animation for feature film or game cinematic
Deep understanding of anatomy and human kinetics.
Expert knowledge and work experience in Maya

Please send your portfolio, CV and Cover letter to and mention the job title in subject

Compositing Artist


Barajoun Entertainment is looking for compositing artists to enhance the CG feature film frames by compositing. Strong proficiency with timeline-based edit tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro will be plus point


Must have strong creative eye for photo-real color, composition and physical lighting/shading
Deep understanding of the artistic concepts of color and composition
An education or interest in real world lighting and photography


At least 5+ years’ experience in node-based compositing such as Nuke for CG feature film
Previous experience working with Linux
An understanding of the whole film pipeline

Please send your portfolio, shot breakdown, CV and Cover letter to and mention the job title in subject
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